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I’m cleared!

It’s been a long time since I’ve checked in… and I will post again soon with more detail, but I have been released from physician’s care for the first time in thirteen months!

11 Responses to “I’m cleared!”

  1. ryanb Says:

    Great news! Congratulations!

  2. housemusic Says:

    Hi Rosethorn,
    I remember you! We are somewhat close in timing. I’m now 10 months post op.
    So happy to hear you’ve been cleared, and looking forward to reading your posts soon!

  3. doryt Says:

    That is great news Rose. Will follow up on your post. Iam at 8 months and still have a way to go. Best to you as you move on.

  4. ericbabula Says:

    Awesome news! Now, get out there and get that yard work done! :)

  5. kimjax Says:

    Can’t wait to hear those words! Congrats!

  6. jimminyc Says:

    Great news Rose, good to hear!

  7. sheena Says:

    Hi there Rose,
    sorry I am commenting on such an old thread but I re ruptured on Friday at 13 half weeks non op.
    I have just come across your blog and I cannot begin to understand what you have been through…3 times.
    I guess I don’t really need to ask you if you would reccomend I give non op another go? would you just go straight to surgery and have it repaired once and for all?
    I have my own blog if you want to answer there but if not I’ll come back to you here.
    I am so glad to hear that you have been discharged. I hope it is the last of your injury troubles.

  8. rosethorn Says:

    I never quite got the hang of this blog so I’m just going to reply here :) I was in my 13th-14th week for both re-ruptures. I can say to you, without a doubt, that if your doctor can operate you should go through with surgery as soon as possible. The pain is pretty well constant through the rehabilitation process but it is a much different kind of pain than that during non-op rehabilitation.

    I felt a great deal more strength and range of motion rehabilitating after surgery than with either of my prior two ruptures. I’m so sorry to hear about your re-rupture. I really know how discouraging it can be. However, I am now a nationally-insured, certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, after spending my whole school year in a walking boot! Great things come out of the darkness and you will learn things about yourself that others rarely get to have the privilege to.

    Will you please post a link to your blog so I may visit it? And please feel free to reach out to me any time you want to talk. Blessings and good health to you!

  9. Hillie Says:

    Hi Rose

    I had a right complete ATR almost 6 months ago. I didn’t see Achillesblog for a while but have since read it most days, seeing posts of widely varying experiences, but only speaking from my own.

    Were you non-op at first, and second time? And now you’ve had a year in a boot after surgery. Your physiology or actual injury must surely not have been typical - and do you mean that you had a year of pain? In my case, there was pain when I ruptured and it was very sore for a day or so. Since then, hardly anything. Probably less than pre-rupture when I guess it was an accident waiting to happen.

    I am pleased to see that it has now worked out ok for you, and you have a great career.

  10. sheena Says:

    Hi Rose,
    so glad to hear that all has turned out well for you in the end. Well done you.
    Like Hillie above I have had little pain in the ATR whilst going non op. If I have surgery I’m guessing there will be much more pain due to being cut open.
    I cannot imagine what it is like going 3 times down this road so I am leaning towards surgery but I will listen to the docs too and then make up my mind.

  11. sheena Says:

    Rose for some reason you will have to agree to accepting the above, I think it’s due to spam issues on this site…

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