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First week back to PT!

Had my first two physical therapy visits and man oh man, it’s a whole different ball game after surgery. When I attended PT for my first two ATRs, I was in constant pain– like 8 out of 10 every hour of every day and I’m still not even sure how I went through seven months like that. Now I’m at an intermittent 3-4, making me able to do so much already.

My physical therapist has been massaging my leg, both with a grastining tool and his hands and it feels so good! There were times before where I was wincing through the pain, hoping it would do some good. It’s great too to see how well my scar is healing, complications and all.

I also tried my first session of acupuncture, for general imbalance, pain due to compensation and astronomical stress factors. It was ethereal! I would encourage anyone who is dealing with an ATR to try some acupuncture; it really takes the edge off. Not only did I have a positive experience, but the clinic I went to was so insistent upon bringing me back for regular treatment that they’re helping me pay. It’s nice to be helped through this process and to feel some real hope.

4 Responses to “First week back to PT!”

  1. mljackson60 Says:

    I’m glad to hear acupuncture helps. I have done it in the past for other things. I don’t know if we even have anyone who does it around here.

  2. Janus Says:

    Glad to hear the good news. I’m also interested to learn that the accupuncture is helping you. Will have to give that a try. Thanks for the info, and best w/ your ongoing recovery.

  3. kathyw Says:

    I’m glad you are doing so much better now! I have gone back to acupuncture too, and find it very helpful…it’s wonderful that they are working with you to continue regular treatment appointments.

  4. rosethorn Says:

    Thanks all, acupuncture is excellent for improving the healing focus and inducing genuine relaxation for sure. I would suggest it to anyone, for stress alone, because as we all know… This injury is stressful!

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