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Nothin’ like good news when you’re ready for the bad…

Well, I went into see my doctors today due to fear of a serious destiny for my “good” leg and not only was I cleared to resume daily activities and working out, but I start physical therapy next week!

I’m allowed to take short journeys through the house with my boot off immediately but am to keep it on for most of the time I’m up and moving around. The best part? I’m officially one month away from two shoes. It’s nice to see my doctors almost as happy as I am about such a change.

3 Responses to “Nothin’ like good news when you’re ready for the bad…”

  1. Janus Says:

    Excellent! Glad you have this good news and happy for you.

  2. kathyw Says:

    That’s great news! I’m glad your doctor is pleased with your progress… Enjoy the bootless walks, and start counting the days til 2-shoes!

  3. rosethorn Says:

    I cannot wait to slip into those red cowboy boots!

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