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Three Dr. visits in one week

Well, just four days after a post-op check-up, I went to the office again yesterday. This was due to the "tails" of my dissolving stitches deciding they didn’t want to dissolve. I now have several little ulcerated spots where they pushed themselves out and there are indications of more to come.

My doctors threatened to put me back in a cast for a week to stave the chance of infection and further wound complication. I wasn’t having that. Thankfully, they are willing to work with a bull-headed lady such as myself.

I am not directed to put anything on the wounds except heat. Lots and lots of heat–to the effect of eight hot compresses per day to promote circulation and healing, much like a cast would do. I also walked out of the office after one of my doctors placed a single band-aid on my leg, giggling as I went. We went from a cast to a single band-aid :)

I have to return on Friday to check out the "progress" and there’s still a chance they’ll stick me back in a cast, if it hasn’t improved. Please keep your fingers crossed!

5 Responses to “Three Dr. visits in one week”

  1. Phil Kirk Says:

    With such low circulation in the area of the tendon, I always wondered if a little heat would open the blood vessels and promote faster healing. Has to be great to be free of the cast!!

  2. kathyw Says:

    My fingers are crossed that you don’t get another cast today…good luck at the doctor’s, I hope the heat compresses did the trick!

  3. rosethorn Says:


    It’s insane how sore the area has become just from two days of heat! I can definitely tell the circulation has increased :) It is nice to be free of that cast… Although the threat still remains I have to go back Monday as this is apparently a crucial stage in the healing process for me.


    Nope! No cast but another long drive out to Gresham on Monday for me. It sounds like you’re doing so well, getting to drive again especially! I miss my ‘88 Camaro so much.

  4. kathyw Says:

    Glad that there was no cast today… You’re gong out to Gresham….sorry, that is a ways….are you getting rides from friends? I used the Tri-Met LIFT service and it’s helpful, if you don’t mind spending extra time in transit… Still, I am really glad to be driving again. If you do use the LIFT service, let me know, I have a book of tickets left over & would send them to you.

    I was just reading back over your experiences–you’ve been dealing with this for a very long time. I so hope that you are on the way to good healing and a strong, sturdy leg. Also, thanks for posting the photos, they were cool to look at.

  5. rosethorn Says:


    I have gotten rides a few times but have been mostly getting myself out there, borrowing my roommate’s truck (automatic) which has been a tremendous relief. I’m not very accustomed to public transit and didn’t think it was a good idea to try to get used to it when I already feel so out of place… I greatly appreciate your offer though!

    I feel good about where I’m headed– it’s a long journey yet but I”m not going anywhere :)

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