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Surgery picture #3


I call this photo “after.” I’m all cleaned up and ready to be closed. I found the most dramatic effect was in looking at the difference between photos 1 and 3. Plus, look at the circumference of that thing!

8 Responses to “Surgery picture #3”

  1. ryanb Says:

    Pictures all look good. Glad you got it working. You can force the start of a new paragraph (with the html editor) by inserting a .

    Most basic html tags seem to work ok.

    That is quite a structure they’ve built for you there :-)

  2. ryanb Says:

    hmm… that didn’t work. To start a new paragraph insert <p>.

  3. kathyw Says:

    Thanks for posting the pics–interesting…I never thought of asking that photos be taken… Your new, improved tendon looks very sturdy!

  4. rosethorn Says:


    I didn’t ask for the pictures to be taken. I’m pretty sure my doctor was so tickled by the comprehensive nature of my surgery that he took them for documentation purposes. He looked so excited when he pulled his iPhone out to show me (which gives me a few questions I’d rather not have the answer to :). I have a feeling I’m part of a study at this point.

    Ryan- Holy moly, isn’t it crazy? Big ol’ whopper of a tendon in my leg now, just like the Bionic Woman: better, faster, stronger!

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