5 weeks. PWB in boot. PT says 4 weeks then ditch crutches.

All signs point to progress. Saw PT this week for 1st time. Sweet knowledgable woman named Andrea. Pushed me w/dorsiflexion but didn’t overdo it. Incision looks to be healing and I can sleep without the damn cast or boot! Ahhh. Praying I can put more and more weight on the boot without re injury. Started stationary bike and feels amazing. Wish I had one at home, have missed the cardio and need it badly! My amazing wife found some ‘compression socks’ in the women’s section. Great underneath the boot, keeps leg toes foot cool yet supported and stretches above the knee. Even matches dress shoes for work. Hang in there everyone do what your doc orders and listen to your body.

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  1. Good to hear things are going well for you! If you’re looking for more compression socks or different colors, those designed for people on long airplane flights work pretty well and look like regular socks.

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