8 days post op - sensing a journey…

ATR aug 4 playing football in Ohio. Guess I’m not 19 anymore rude awakening that I’m 29, turned sharply to pass and boom someone kicked me in my right heel. Except, well, you know the story. No one around. Went to ER, got two Ortho opinions and went with surgery 8/15. First couple days post op were OK w meds, but then had a nasty reaction to Vicodin on day 3. Kicked it to the curb and been on in proufen since. Follow up 8/25 next week, hope to get staples out. Can wiggle toes well in splint, little pain (thank God) but wondering what’s next. Site is a godsend anyone going into first post op checkup did you go straight to PWB or NWB? Take care everyone.

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  1. My surgery done yesterday. My doc says it will be at least 4 weeks NWB. Pain is not as bad as I expected. Keep updating, I’d like to compare our progress if you don ‘t mind since we’re close to the same surgery date. My first follow up is Tuesday 8/26. Keep in touch.

  2. Thanks for the response. Absolutely would be great to compare progress/notes. Glad first day post op went OK. After a few days kick the meds and you’ll be fine. Will feel back to ‘normal’ mentally, despite being laid up watching bad movies. Message me back if you have any difficulty - I likely experienced it in some form over the last week or so. Take care, John

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  3. After my surgery I had a 2 week check up where they took out the stitches and put me in a hard cast. Wore the hard cast for two more weeks and then on my next check up I got my walking boot.

  4. TX - thanks for the response. Where are you now progress wise? What was the transition like from NWB-PWB-FWB? My OS is aggressive and so am I but simultaneously want it to heal right. Thanks for your insight!

  5. I have seen numerous options for your first post op appointment 10-14 days after OS. I was lucky enough to have my incision heal very well and went right into a cam boot with plantar flexion. I was NWB in the boot at that setting for 4 weeks. At my 6 week appt. (this past Friday) the OS adjusted my boot back to neutral and was allowed to start PWB and was told I could go to FWB at my leisure and confidence. I had my first PT visit today and the therapist got me comfortable walking FWB and walked out of there at FWB and no crutches. No tow people are the same but that is how I have progressed and was pleasantly surprised at my progress. Good luck to you!

  6. At two weeks when you went into boot did you use crutches or able to walk somewhat? My surgeon also told me that he would place me into a boot at two weeks.

  7. lefty, my OS had me start PWB at the same time I went into the boot (2 weeks post-op); at 4 weeks, he gave me the okay to transition to FWB and to start PT. He didn’t want a PT anywhere near my achilles until now. As @roscohio says, some OSs are more aggressive than others, but they also vary depending on the injury, nature of the repair, the patient, etc.

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