FREE AIRCAST and Step Up - Don’t need them anymore


I am thankful to report that 10 months post-op, I do not need my aircast or step up shoe anymore. My wife and I are moving in the next week and figured someone else could benefit from the equipment. I wore the boot for approximately 2 months, it’s still in very good condition.

Pay the shipping and it’s yours (I’m in Ohio). Otherwise I will have to pitch it. I think it was $250 before insurance when I acquired it. Comment here with your email address if interested and/or if you want to see a picture.



5 months post op. It gets better!

This post is for anyone who just recently ruptured their AT or is less than 5 months post op. Message: it gets better and is all about ATTITUDE. Follow your ortho advice, trust your therapist, and persevere to understand God works in mysterious ways.

Not 5 months ago I thought I would never be athletic again. I’m 29. Rupturing this tendon while playing flag football was an incredible psychological and physical hurdle. Thankfully surgery was uneventful, except for the fact the intern OR surgeon who wrapped my splint did it too tight. Result: heel ulcer.  It’s been a nasty open heel wound that I still must bandage daily and see a specialist for every other week. It’s healing finally, but has been a long road. Achilles and heel pain (sore and sharp, respectively) is not a fun combo. However we have to see the forest through the trees. I have developed an incredible appreciation for permanently disabled people. Could you imagine being on crutches or in a wheelchair the rest of your life?? I am simply thankful it’s temporary. 100 plus hours of therapy and gym time later, I can say I’m back on track to physical and emotional well being. I bench pressed at the gym today without hesitation. Have been doing 60 mins daily of cycling jogging combo. Not 100pct yet, but damn it feels good to be a normal gym goer again.

Dont fear the surgery or recovery. It takes patience, but 5 months flies by honestly. In addition to finding out who your real friends are, you’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment when you finally get back to being yourself. You get out what you put in. Learn from the adversity and you will emerge a stronger and more caring person! For anyone having a difficult time do not hesitate to email me at

God Bless,


5 weeks. PWB in boot. PT says 4 weeks then ditch crutches.

All signs point to progress. Saw PT this week for 1st time. Sweet knowledgable woman named Andrea. Pushed me w/dorsiflexion but didn’t overdo it. Incision looks to be healing and I can sleep without the damn cast or boot! Ahhh. Praying I can put more and more weight on the boot without re injury. Started stationary bike and feels amazing. Wish I had one at home, have missed the cardio and need it badly! My amazing wife found some ‘compression socks’ in the women’s section. Great underneath the boot, keeps leg toes foot cool yet supported and stretches above the knee. Even matches dress shoes for work. Hang in there everyone do what your doc orders and listen to your body.

4 weeks post op - VACOCAST or AIRCAST???

Hey all - will be four weeks post op this week and have been blessed with little to no pain. Some bruising/blood pooling in the heel, but OS says that’s normal. Anyone have experience with that? Th BIGGER question is what to do in one week when I get the splint removed and go into PWB. I was given an Aircast Pre-op by the ER which I used to hobble around Chicago for my brother’s wedding (yes I was the best man and survived, somehow!)

However, since then have been doing research on whether to stick the aircast back on or spend the $300 on vacocast. Since insurance covered the aircast, they will not pay for another boot, would be out of pocket. Any thoughts/opinions/experience w vaco cast vs aircast??

Like most of us the last four weeks of immobilization has been challenging. Fortunately, my wonderful wife and friends have made life better and to top it off its football season. Good excuse to splurge on NFL Sunday ticket. Thanks for your thoughts in advance!


8 days post op - sensing a journey…

ATR aug 4 playing football in Ohio. Guess I’m not 19 anymore rude awakening that I’m 29, turned sharply to pass and boom someone kicked me in my right heel. Except, well, you know the story. No one around. Went to ER, got two Ortho opinions and went with surgery 8/15. First couple days post op were OK w meds, but then had a nasty reaction to Vicodin on day 3. Kicked it to the curb and been on in proufen since. Follow up 8/25 next week, hope to get staples out. Can wiggle toes well in splint, little pain (thank God) but wondering what’s next. Site is a godsend anyone going into first post op checkup did you go straight to PWB or NWB? Take care everyone.

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