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Jan 22 2012

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9 week post-op update

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It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, a little over 3 weeks ago to be exact. Since that time (Deceember 28), I’ve made quite a bit of progress. I was told by my ortho-surgeon on Dec 28 that I had to get my foot to 90 degrees before I could wear a boot. Well… I had purchased the Vacocast Achilles boot, and began wearing it immediately. I had to adjust it to where to boot was angled at about 70 degrees, and after that… I could walk!!! The rocker bottom on the boot enabled me to walk and get around. The first time I could walk unassited since I was injured in the semifinals of my men’s football league playoffs on November 13.

I started physical therapy for my foot and ankle (NOT my achilles) on January 4. In 3 weeks of PT, I’ve went from just over 70 degrees to 101 degrees on my reconstructed foot/ankle. I’ve “graduated” from the Vacocast Achillies boot to the boot my ortho doc issued me, a Bledsoe w/a more flat foot. I’m walking better and better each day, and I’m able stand on both feet although I do put more weight on my good leg. I’m doing all types of exercises for my ankle and foot, and I might say they’re paying off. I’m battling some swelling but not too bad though. And on my good leg, I’m suffering from tender right achilles. Which I’m sure is from overusage during the early stages of my recovery process. I’ve been very religious in icing both of my achilles since my last appointment, and it seems to be helping.

I actually ran into my ortho-surgeon at a local steak house last week, and we shot the bull for about 10 minutes. We discussed my recovery process, and he asked how long I’d been in the Bledsoe boot. I told him I’d just started wearing it that very same day, and he responded that I’d need to be in this particular boot for 4 weeks. Thus, my target date to be in 2 shoes is February 10 and I can’t wait! I’d love to be in 2 shoes by February 3 but I think it’ll be the next week. Although I do have my 4th post-op appointment next Friday, January 27, maybe I’ll get some more good news. I just hope when I go into 2 shoes that I’m able to walk fairly normal.

I appreciate all of your replies, comments, and feedback. Looking forward to reading all of them!


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