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Dec 28 2011

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3rd post-op appointment

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Today was supposed to be the day that I went into a boot. Well… to my surprise I did not. My doc told me that I would have to use a Theraband to stretch my newly constructed Achilles tendon. This took place at 7:15AM this morning, and now at 5:00PM I can bend my foot up and down at least an inch. Needless to say, I am going to put my new Vacocast Achilles boot tonight! I will start out PWB and transition to FWB by the weekend. My foot and ankle feels extremely weird, but at least I now have control over my foot and ankle, unlike the moments just after my football injury and the days leading up to the surgery. I must say I have a new sense of confidence. Not meaning that I am going to rush my recovery, but that I can see progress and that does make me more optimistic. My next appointment is scheduled for January 26. At that point, I am expecting to go into 2 shoes. There is light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

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