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Dec 17 2011

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OMG… My scare!

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I had one hello of a scare the other night. We had our staff Christmas party at a local Mexican restaurant. It had been raining, and upon entering, the floor inside was extremely slick. It felt greasy & wet. Needless to say, when I walked it both of my crutches slipped on the floor, and flew out from underneith me. I took one big hop w/my good leg and grabbed onto the cashiers counter. My bad leg, in a soft cast w/splint, was protected but it felt like my left foot shot straight up! I know it did not b/c of my hard splint stopped any type of movement upward, although it sure felt like it!

Today I showered and got a great foot massage from my better half, and she noticed some distinct bruising on my foot. I wonder if it was from my “scare”??? Has anyone else out there experienced a scare like this regardless if it was good or bad?

By the way… I am only 9 days away from going into a boot (Vacocast Achilles boot)! This nearly 6 weeks of NWB has felt like an eternity:(

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