Dec 13 2011


2nd Post-Op appointment

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Hello to all! Well I had my second post-op appoinment last Monday. This trip to the doc led me to getting my stitches out… all 20 of them! The doc said that I’m “progressing ahead of schedule”. But I’m still on the 6 week plan of NWB and crutches= SUCKS! I know I just have to be patient. I was still dealing w/quite a bit of swelling. Now I’m just 2 weeks and a day from going into a boot… Thank God! Today, nearly 4 weeks post-op my swelling is going down little by little each day. However, my foot feels absolutely freeky on the underneith side. When I or my wife massages my foot, I get a weird, sharp, shooting sensation going through my foot. I’m curious if anyone else has dealt or is dealing w/this type of feeling/sensation/discomfort in their foot. Also, I’m wondering how long this will continue??? The incision is healing nicely, and the doc also said (after feeling) the tendon is solid and feels good. I’m just sooooo ready to be off these d@mn crutches. They’re truly becoming a major pain now… bring on the boot!!! By the way, I ordered the Vacocast Pro Achilles boot.

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  1. housemusicon 14 Dec 2011 at 1:16 pm 1

    Hi rome24kr,
    I wanted to comment on a couple of things that we have in common. The shooting/sharp sensation when massaging your foot is caused by irritation to the nerves. I had that sensation, and I still do three months after surgery. Only now it is going away, so it does get better with time.
    About your new Vacocast Pro Achilles, I got it too. It is far more comfortable than the boot given by my doctor, and the best $ 300 I’ve ever spent. Do you have it set a level 2?

  2. mljackson60on 14 Dec 2011 at 3:12 pm 2

    I am in week 6. I have also had the kinds of shooting/sharp sensations you describe. My foot felt numb on the bottom for a few days after the last cast. I get another cast tomorrow so we’ll see what happens tomorrow afternoon. I have at least 2 more weeks in a cast, NWB but I am using a knee walker - much better than crutches if you can get one.

  3. jjnisson 15 Dec 2011 at 4:34 pm 3

    Saw you are getting a knee walker. I used a knee scooter for 5 weeks, very useful. Great for getting around on smooth surfaces, and covering a lot of ground quickly with little effort. If you go that route suggest you get a basket (dumb looking but useful) and ALWAYS have your boot on when you use it.

  4. Tom Schwabon 26 Jan 2012 at 3:11 pm 4

    The basket on a Knee Walker is extremely helpful. There is a good free Knee Walkers Buyers Guide online that goes over the various models available as well as the costs, to rent or buy, why you shouldn’t pay a deposit and such.

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