Dec 03 2011


1st Post-Op Appointment

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This is my first post in a while, due to me being back at work and up to my eyeballs w/catching up!  My appointment was 10 days after my surgery and I was so glad to get in and see how my progress was going.  Not a lot really happened during my appointment.  I saw the PA, not the doctor, and the main concern to check for was infection.  I checked out great, no infection and the incision was healing nicely.  However, there was still a great deal of swelling (I have pics of incision and swelling, but do not know how to upload them to my posts). 

After the nurse took me out of my soft cast, I was able to “asses the damage”.  My foot felt extremely weird, granted I did not try moving it.  Although, I did wiggle my toes (that was nice LOL).  I took pics of my leg, and it looked like I had about an 8″ centipede on the back of it!   The PA felt of my leg, and said the muscle tone still felt good.  Not much atrophe as of yet, but foot felt like I had needles sticking in the bottom of it as her hand ran across the bottom of my foot.  I am sure it was just nerves starting to fire back up but who knows. 

My soft cast was put back on, but this time it did not have all the extra padding.  I now go back on Monday to have my stitches removed, and that will be the 17 day since surgery on November 18 (injury Nov.13).   I am still on the time table of going into a boot on December 29, and then start wearing shoes on February 3.   Hopefully I will be able to start jogging by the first part of May.

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