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Nov 24 2011

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Achilles tendon braces

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I have been looking at various Achilles tendon braces and have found a few that look like they could really be of some benefit coming back from a ATR. I have listed the links below…


Bauerfeind (PRO)


Let me know what y’all think about wearing a brace one you start back jogging and playing sports, and which one would y’all recommend.

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Nov 23 2011

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My first blog since suffering my ATR (football injury)

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Hello, my name is Kevin.  I’m a 35 y/o in-shape guy (6′0, 200 lbs) who has played college baseball, and has played flag football, men’s baseball, and softball for the last 12 years (and basketball sparatically). I also jog between 15-25 miles a week.  Needless to say, I felt like I was 10 foot tall and bulletproof… boy was I wrong.  I would’ve never dreamt this type of an injury in a million years. 

I ruptured my left achilles tendon on November 13 while playing flag football. It was our eleventh game of the season, and our second game of the day.  I would like to say that I did have warning signs w/a calf strain approximately 3-4 weeks before the injury.
I play wide receiver and ran a corner route. I ran 10 yards then cut my route off to the sideines, at that point when I made my jab step the back of my ankle felt like it exploded! However, it didn’t hurt, it simply felt like my foot had went to sleep. I knew then and there it wasn’t good and more than likely an achilles injury.
I had an Xray on November 14 (negative, no broken bones), MRI November 15 (revealed a complete tear of achilles), met w/orthopedic surgeon/doctor on November 17, and then had surgery 6 days after injury on November 18.

The first night wasn’t that bad, took the Percocet for pain (but it made me sick, thus I discontinued it), and just relied on Tylenol & Advil. The second day post-surgery was NOT good, painful and sore. Day three post-surgery wasn’t bad, and today is day four and my injured limb does’t hurt. Now it’s day five and I feel a lot better, just still sucks that I’m on crutches.  I can’t wait till I’m in the boot!  Then I’ll be saying I can’t wait till I’m in a pair of shoes.  Oh then I’m sure I’ll be saying “I can’t wait till I lace up my football cleats again :)

My doc has set aside a time table that reads like this…
Injury- Nov. 13
Surgery- Nov. 18
NWB- 6 weeks (until Dec. 30)
Boot- 4-6 weeks (until Feb. 3-17)
2 Shoes- 10-12 weeks from surgery (Feb.17 at the latest)
Jogging- 6 months (approximately May 13)
Fully recovered- 9-12 months (Aug-Nov)

I just hope & pray I have the opportunity to onec again play flag football and softball.

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