1 year anniversary

It’s been awhile since my last visit here, but it’s 1 year anniversary and I had to write something =) So, how was it for me?

7 months post op: back to competition

This week-end I played in my first ultimate frisbee competition since ATR. And this was exactly 7 months post op.
Of course, my operating doctor never knew I was going to play. However, it was not only my own decision, as my PT, after 6 weeks of rehab and training, told me I was OK to [...]

6 months post-op

July 26 marked my 6 months anniversary post-op! I must admit, I am almost back to normal. Just almost. And  here’s why.
A quick recap. I’ve mentioned it before that I started running and even training with the team and playing some ultimate without any pain just after 4 months post-op. I thought it weird, so [...]