1 year anniversary

It’s been awhile since my last visit here, but it’s 1 year anniversary and I had to write something =) So, how was it for me?


I think it went quite well and quite fast, as I was able to even play at a tournament just shy of 7 months post op - no restrictions on my part in terms of running and jumping for the disk, but my condition was visibly below pre-injury. After that I stopped running for 10 weeks, as asked (or rather - begged) by my operating surgeon, who caught me playing basketball before 6-month routing check-up =) I kept the promise and concentrated on weight training instead.

Since November, I’ve been back to normal running - playing indoor ultimate once a week and doing treadmill also once a week. If I compare it myself, I think my speed is now more or less the same as pre-injury. My jumping is poorer, however, and I don’t jump as much as before and I am now pushing off with the other - non-injured - leg more. But I am working on it and hope to overcome this.


I am still struggling with calf muscles imbalance, as my healing leg - that used to be my stronger leg - is still lagging behind. I’ve been adding more and more calf exercises to my routing, but it’s taking more time than I expected and would like it to. I am now doing more unilateral exercises and I do hope to completely overcome this imbalance by March when I will have to start more intensive conditioning program to be at my best for a week-long beach ultimate tournament in early May. Fingers  crossed! I also think that as I start adding more jumping exercises into my routine, as well as rope jumping, the progress must be more measurable and noticeable.

Out of curiosity and for the sake of statistics, I did single leg free standing heel raises yesterday and it was 35 repetitions on my right, i.e. uninjured leg and 32 on my left, i.e. healing leg, which makes it roughly 100%/90% ratio. But I can tell you that I am not getting as high on my healing foot as on the healthy one, and it kind of annoys me.

All in all, I am happy with how it developed. As 2019 promises to be an interesting year in terms of competitions, I hope to become even stronger than before =)

Stay tuned and share your experiences, especially about how you overcame calves imbalance.

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