7 months post op: back to competition

This week-end I played in my first ultimate frisbee competition since ATR. And this was exactly 7 months post op.

Of course, my operating doctor never knew I was going to play. However, it was not only my own decision, as my PT, after 6 weeks of rehab and training, told me I was OK to play. I knew there was still some risk involved, but I decided to play anyway. And it all went well, as I played 7 games of ultimate in 3 days. No discomfort, no pain or anything like it. I only taped it with K-Tape on the third day, for additional (mental) reassurance. Of course, I am not at the same level of fitness as before the injury, but I was performing at my today’s maximum. Overall, I am happy how it went.

Now, I am planning on stopping running for 3 months, as my surgeon advised, to let my hypertrophied Achilles tendon reduce in size. This means more swimming, more stationary bike, more weight lifting and no running and jumping - a longer off-season training this year =)

13 Responses to “7 months post op: back to competition”

  1. Glad the competition went well Roman!

  2. Hi Roman! I am 4 days post-op so I hope to be where you are in 7 months.

  3. Hi andreank,
    It’s a looong path ahead of you, but it’s not impossible =) Rehab and recovery are very individual. Just take one step at a time and you’ll get there!

    Thank you, cserpent. You set a great example!

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  6. I when the, too, trained in any able, but realized, that this is harmful. If the doctor says that you need to stop training, you should listen to it

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