6 months post-op

July 26 marked my 6 months anniversary post-op! I must admit, I am almost back to normal. Just almost. And  here’s why.

A quick recap. I’ve mentioned it before that I started running and even training with the team and playing some ultimate without any pain just after 4 months post-op. I thought it weird, so I decided to see PT, for the first time. After only 2 weeks into the rehab I did 45 min run on a treadmill (6 km at a steady pace of 8 kph) - no pain or discomfort what so ever - and I was ‘promoted’ to a more active rehab stage with sprints and explosiveness exercises.

I’ve continued training with the team, adding 3 times per week of more dynamic rehab. However, I was surprised I was targeting upper leg muscles mostly - not calves. So, independently from PT, I was working on my calves. I was even more surprised when my PT asked me to do 20 single-leg calf raises (with the other leg bent at 90 degrees in front) and I couldn’t. So now this is my new target - to get healing leg calf muscle more or less in line with the healthy one. I must do it relatively quickly, as I will already be playing at a tournament at the end of August. This means adding a lot of calf raises (pausing for 2-3 seconds at the highest point) to training routines.

I’ve been training without any limitations, doing sprints and pushing as hard as I can. And I am slowly returning my speed. The only thing that is not quite there yet is jumping. I am sort of afraid to jump as high as I can and I’ve noticed that now I am sub-consciously pushing  off with my right, i.e. healthy  leg, while I was mostly utilizing left, i.e. healing leg, before. Let’s see if this changes with time.

I am about to see my operating doctor this week for a planned 6-months check. I should remind you that he specifically warned me not to attempt any running until allowed after that meeting. So my “legend” was I complied with the recommendation. However, all future explanations became unnecessary, as my doctor caught me playing basketball a week ago =) I am still seeing him this week, so let’s see what he says.

To sum up, it has been a very long journey and I am happy to be where I am at the moment. In a week, I am going on 4-5 days long hiking trip, so no more active rehab. But I will continue working on my calves.

I wonder if I should be using Kinesio tapes for training…

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