Got the Go ahead to return to sports!

I have to share this, as I reached a crucial milestone yesterday - got the go ahead to return to training with the team! Yes, I know I’ve been training with the team and playing a couple of times on grass and sand, but I needed this clearance from an expert.

So, after yesterday’s session with my PT, I asked him when I know I could return to training as before the rupture without the fear, or rather risk, of re-injury. And he just asked me to do one simple test - run on a treadmill for 45 minutes at 8 kph. Even though monotonous running has never been one of my favorite, I had to do it. Most importantly, I did not feel any pain, or even discomfort, in the achilles or elsewhere! That was a great news to me! Especially given the fact that I was working under this program for only 2 weeks. This means that the quality of surgical repair was next to perfect and what I was doing before, on my own, helped me heal quickly.

I will later analyze and share all my path to recovery. In the meantime, I will continue working with the PT, but devoting training sessions to sprints and explosiveness this time - all to be ready to see my doctor in 3 weeks’ time.

What I would like to know is other people’s experience returning to competitive/recreational sports after ATR, especially young athletes. What was your final “test” before you started training at 100%?

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  1. I’m not a young athlete - but here’s my input nevertheless - LOL! Just a heads up - if you do any backward running in your sport - work on that. I did some training with a soccer trainer as I was getting back into things and hadn’t bothered to try running backward and was amazed that it hurt. So I started working backward running into my exercise plan. Don’t recall exactly when I did this in my healing process - it’s probably in my blog. But it’s just another thing to test out and work on. For me once I could do all my exercises and HIIT classes with no pain I got back to playing in the youngest soccer league I play in (40+). I transitioned into playing soccer by starting with the oldest league (55+), then when that was easy and with no pain I added the next oldest league (45+) and HIIT classes.

  2. And congrats on the go ahead!!

  3. Thank you for the tip, cserpent. I actually tried it awhile ago and worked fine - no pain or discomfort. And I am impressed you are still in the leagues, whatever the age group! Well done!

  4. Thank you Roman! Soccer keeps me moving and motivates me to exercise so I’m in better shape for soccer. I’m glad you had no pain or discomfort. That means things are healed up nicely and you have good flexibility already. So get out there and play!

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