Week 16

Well, it’s Week 16 post-op now. Here’s the latest update.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I was finally able to do single-leg calf-raises on the ATR leg! Happened unexpectedly and never left. Happy to be working more on my calves. My healing leg does not get swollen anymore, which gave way to 2 things:

  • you can now see the difference between the two calves
  • you can now see a lump on the achilles

Well, I realize working on the calf-size and getting it back in shape will take more time and I am fine with that.

The lump/bump on the achilles? I don’t like it, as it causes relative discomfort to me. Showed it to my doc and he said it was normal, as that is tendon scar cicatrizing (healing in other words) and the lump will/should disappear. As it is soft, I massage it a lot and it feels better after exercising. But it still pisses me off! Any thoughts?

I am still limping. Don’t like it either as I don’t know why it does not go away. Think about going to a PT for advice. Perhaps I should be paying more attention to how I walk and walk more slowly.

BOSU ball rules! A great tool at this stage of recovery and in general. Works like a charm for tendon stretching and strengthening! there is still some difference between the healthy and healing leg, but the gap is decreasing.

Went rock-climbing on the weekend. Honestly, I did not even think about climbing myself, as it engages toes - hence calves - a lot. But eventually, I decided to give it a try on a simple route and I was amazed! No discomfort at all and I was climbing with no problem at all!

Starting some running, even though my doc advised me not to until 6 months mark. Much smoother and even on a treadmill than outside on a training ground. Will start utilizing treadmill more often. Plus, I think it helps reduce limping.

Please feel free to comment. Especially regarding the lump and limping.

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  1. I would definitely see a PT person and I would do as your doctor says about not running. My doc didn’t even allow me to walk on an incline until the 6 month mark. So I was using the treadmill and elliptical on their flat setting. Regarding the limp - walk with shorter steps so that you can walk with a normal gait. There is plenty of other information on this site if you go looking for it.

  2. Totally feel you on the BUMP on the back. I had surgery Oct 13, 2017. I am up to 30 minutes of running.jogging. I started with 3 times a week with 10 minutes each session and increased 5 minutes each week.

    Hang in there! I have totally underestimated the recovery process for this entire process!

  3. Thanks for your comments, cserpent and wsfost02.

    I haven’t seen PT, but basically no limp this week - surprise. I don’t know how this happens, but sometimes something just changes and voila! I think I don’t even have this discomfort for the first couple of steps when getting up from bed in the morning.
    But the bump is still there. A bit smaller, but still. I do massage it several times a day in addition to foam roller and stretching. I continue doing calf raises - more and more single-leg on the healing leg. It’s not the same as on the healthy leg, but it’s coming.

    As to running, I am at two minds. I trust my doc, but then there is second opinion which says it’s OK to start running 3 months post-op that I don’t really want to disregard. I decided to give it a go and I do flat surface and treadmill slow-pace running, alternating with walking. Strictly until I feel any discomfort in the leg.

    BTW, I noticed that the discomfort comes from above the ATR, i.e. around gastroc area.

  4. Roman, I am very surprised that you are able to do a calf raise on your bad leg! I am at 13 weeks and I can’t seem to do this at all. Did you have a complete rupture and surgery?


  5. popouch, if you read my previous post from Week #12, you’ll notice that I could not do single-leg calf raise at the time. It happened all of a sudden, when, during a training session, I decided to give it a try. Worked like a charm and it brought me on a new level of rehab =)
    Perseverance is the key, so keep up the job! And yes, mine was a complete rupture and surgery.

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