So, here’s my brief story.

I’m 33 and I’ve been doing sports all my life. I play ultimate, but got injured playing volleyball, during the off-season.

Fully ruptured my left AT on Jan 24, 2018 and operated on Jan 26. Having spent 4 weeks in a full-leg, then 2 weeks in below-the-knee splint, it has now been 12 days into 2 shoes. I was supposed to still use 2 crutches and step on the healing leg only very lightly, barely noticeably. However, having read a lot about different rehab protocols and weight bearing, at home, I started gently applying weight on the leg - just standing at first, then slowly walking with one crutch - immediately after splint removal. All done with extreme care and without causing/feeling any pain. I’ve been doing stretching and strengthening exercises 3 times a day.

Today, I do completely without crutches at home and I started driving stick one week ago, without any discomfort and strain and I am to see my doctor in a day to be “officially” allowed FWB and start walking with one crutch - my doc does not know about my homework =).

What I’d like to know now is what are the markers for progress. How do I know I can increase intensity/tension etc.? I hope my doc will tell something, as he does sports himself, but knowing other people’s experience, especially in similar to mine conditions and symptoms would be very helpful.

To be continued…

3 Responses to “My ATR”

  1. It sounds like you are progressing quickly, but don’t try to be a hero at this stage - make sure you heal right the first time. You might ask your doctor when you can begin riding a bike, as that is a relatively Achilles friendly form of exercise.

  2. Thanks, emupilot. I don’t think I am pushing it too hard, controlling where and how I step. Hey, that’s why I want to know more about “markers” - not only to progress, but to take it easier at times.

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