Week 10 back to normal

Saw my OS week 8 he was very happy with my progress. Now at week 10 back to normal walking without a limp, only problem is swelling at the end of the day but no pain or discomfort. Stepping up rehab with a Pilates strength regime. Not yet at single calf raise as needs more strength. Had a slip the other day and really stretched the AT when a missed a step, only got my toes and sole on the step and fell forwards, really pulled but felt really strong - a good test, but reminds me to be careful still. Hope everyone else is progressing well seems my rehab has been really fast even by my surgeons standards. Can only put it down to minimally invasive surgery with Achillion device, great physio and luck.

Nearly there!

See my PT tomorrow and OS on Wednesday which will be week 8. Really stepping up my exercise regime- my Pilates instructor has given my 4 sets of exercises to build core strength back in my legs, stomach and back and I have decided to use light weights for upper body and I am swimming everyday. If I work to hard, which for me is sitting at my desk my leg swells, compression socks help and ice and elevation put me back to normal. However if I walk all day, exercise and swim. I am ok which goes to show the exercise on the leg pumps the blood back so I guess the more exercise the better without going mad. Walking nearly limp and pain free now so really happy. Have two weeks before I fly to the US for a vacation, looking forward to the sum and the sea. Good luck everybody work hard.

7 weeks tomorrow

Saw my PT today he was really pleased! two weeks out of my boot now and walking OK, it’s better in the mornings and as I am back to work, driving, sitting etc it swells by late afternoon. I am still doing strength exercises on my own and swimming and cycling every day. Probably overdoing it a bit but feel good. He has now progressed on to all my other structural problems, caused by four back operations over the last 20 years. With a slight twist to one side in my spine if have developed weak muscles from my shoulder to my knee on the ATR side so he is keen to try to strengthen everything to improve my gait. I am now only seeing him on e a week as he is in central London and expensive, I had a added at his recommendation a local PT who specialises in Pilates to help. Meet my surgeon next week for my 8 week check and them off on vacation in August, life is Improving and getting back to normal.


6 weeks and 4 days went swimming this weekend, wow did that feel good. Outdoor pool warm and sunny, breastroke, crawl and backstroke all felt good. Walking well now in trainers, cycling, driving and back to normal life. Only problem is some swelling after a few hours on my feet, sitting or driving but ice and elevation sorts that out. Seeing my PT now only once a week! doing lots of strength and agility exercises. Seeing my OS in 10′days and off on a long flight for vacation in 4 weeks.

6 weeks 1 day

Boot and crutches now dispatched to the cupboard. New trainers purchased today back to work full time Monday. Looking forward to a vacation to the Caribbean in 4 weeks. PT says I can cycle! walk do most things as long as I am carful. Lots of interesting exercises today around balance etc. wobble board, walking a line eyes shut forward and backwards, side lunges etc. still very happy with progress seeing my OS in 2 weeks guess he will be happy too. Some swelling today but ice and elevation soon sorts that out.

6 weeks tomorrow

saw my PT today and admitted I had been out of the boot and walking in trainers since my last visit. He was pleased for me and then watching me walk is very happy about my progress. Now wants to see me just once a week but o find a personal trainer to start work on core muscle strength around my left back, hip and thigh which he thinks is the cause of the rupture. Walking now with just a slight limp not yet in street shoes but really pleased. Good luck all.

Ditched the boot

Week 5 and 5 days following my last trip to my PT I returned home and decided not to use the boot anymore. I have been walking in trainers around my local town, been to my kids school and to work. Feeling really confident walking well but with a limp of course, hope this is not pride before a fall. Have been doing about 60 two footed calf raises each day trying to put as much weight as possible on my bad leg. On the exercise bike for 20 mins also. Lots of aches in the calf muscle s but no tendon pain. Have bought a pair of flight socks to control the swelling when I am walking and have plenty go elevation and ice rest when at home. Off to see my PT tomorrow will probably go in my trainers and leave the boot at home not sure he will be too pleased he is ultra cautious about having an accident.


For those that are interested I had a minimally invasive technique using an Achillion device this technique can be seen on YouTube.

Rehabilitation Protocol

Hi all

As requested. I have posted my rehab protocol, my PT says I am one week ahead of this schedule. Spent all day today out of brace walking in trainers, periods of rest, ice and elevation in between working and did 54 double leg toe raises.

Weeks 1-2

Immobilised in POP backslab set in plantar-flexion as determined by OS at time of surgery
Stay in POP full time
To mobilise NWB on crutches
No ankle movement
Routine care of adjacent joints etc taught to patient pre-discharge from hospital
Weeks 2-4
Out of POP and protective boot fitted (Donjoy, Aircast, Vaco-ped) fixed in plantar flexion
Mobilise PWB with crutches from week 2. Increase WB pain allowing
Patient to stay in brace at home at all times, including sleep.
Supervised exercise only!
No unsupervised exercise. Outpatient physiotherapy to include:
Active assisted PF, DF, INV, Eversion.
Swelling control
Soft tissue work and scar mobilisation
Gentle passive non weight bearing calf stretches
Adjust brace bringing ankle towards plantagrade in line with DF range achieved in each treatment session, allowing movement between plantar flexion and Doris flexion barrier, rather than fixing brace at one angle.
Weeks 4-6
Unsupervised ROM exercise permitted
Progress ROM exercise - active all directions. Can add theraband resistance at week 5
Continue soft tissue work
Can use exercise bike
Aims: neutral dorsiflexion (plantagrade) by week 6
Weeks 6-8
Can progress to FWB in brace without aids from week 6
Commence double leg heel raises
Aim: FWB independently by week 6
Weeks 8-12
Remove brace at week 8 if functional dorsiflexion has been achieved. Use heel lift in shoes or shoes with small heel until week 12.
Graded increase of weight bearing activity
Continue lengthening and strengthening work , exercise bike, gait re-education
Proprioceptive training
Weeks 12+
Begin single leg heel raises or progress from 50/50 double heel raises to increase load on affected side
Start jogging or trampoline and to treadmill vis a walk run programme
Eventually progress to 20 minute outdoor run before adding cutting and figure eight drills
Polo metrics eg double to single jumps/hops/lunges on toes, acceleration/deceleration work
Sport specific exercises as required
Full return to contact sport in 6 months.

Hope this is of interest and helps.

No boot

5 weeks and 2 days saw my PT again and progressed to FWB walking in trainers outdoors for 20 mins and calf leg raises. Permission to walk in house without boot and sleep without boot. He explained the tendon is now healed but the problem is now rehab of the calf muscles which are now so weak they don’t operate properly. So the next stage is careful progress to ensure no accident and damage to the tendon and strength work on the calf. Also explained that the tendon must stay stiff at first then stretch it’s a problem if it get too loose too soon. Very pleased with my progress but lots of pain in the calf muscle tonight as a result of the exercise.