first fup visit +2 weeks

out of splint, into boot. using scooter mainly but also crutches to get around. Already traveled on airplane, was not to bad except hard to actually enter the plane. PT starts today. My calf muscle is already starting atrophy. No pain. Taking shower with the “seat”. Still elevating at night…

Tips for surgery,

Get your MRI read several doctors. I was told I had 5cm full rupture by radiologist but my surgeon studied it on his own and discovered it was just 1.5 cm. the “gap” has a big impact on the complexity of your surgery and recovery time.
Insist on nerve block in addition to general. Nerve block can eliminate pain up to 18 hrs post surgery. Turns out I needed pain meds for just two days post op.
Prior to surgery I developed a list of about 10 questions for my surgeon before I consented including the obvious ( how many of these have you performed this year, in which cases do you recommend non surgical approach, open surgery vs per cutaneous). And more technical (suture technique, suture material,etc) plus fup protocol

Luckily at 10 days post surgery now I have zero pain, working full time and mobile on my knee scooter. I am in a splint. In 3 more days go for fup md visit where I will likely go to boot and that afternoon I am flying for a meeting. Starting pt in 5 days. My pt has a gravity treadmill which allows you walk, jog much earlier . Hopefully I can start that in upcoming weeks.
My goal is to get back on the ice, I play ice hockey 3 times per week and my surgeon says 6 months is reasonable goal but he is conservative, so my goal is 4 months to start skating. Surgeon agreed skating is not dangerous or risky . Of course I did not get my rupture from hockey, but from stupidly playing pick up soccer!! I am 63 yr old, living in Florida …..