Pressing on with Physio, but no progress to report

My set of six shockwave treatments on my achilles has completed. Unfortunately, I don’t see or feel that it has done anything. It still hurts, particularly in the morning, and I still have trouble walking over about a mile or two before it gets painful and I start to limp. That’s discouraging.

My next plan is that my physio has me doing all sorts of exercises such as heel drops, heel raises (all without weights), one legged balancing, sideways walking, backwards walking, and also taping. Which I will commit to doing faithfully. We shall see whether any of this has any effect.

So, right now, it has been nine months with achilles struggles that has kept me from hiking and even walking. And without any discernible progress. I sure hope I am on the right path to getting this fixed. I’d hate to find out five years from now that my achilles has been ruined and I should have done something else treatment-wise.

Oh well, I need to keep positive for now and keep plugged into the process. And try to be patient!

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  1. Good luck with physio. I hope you can find something that works for you.

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