Ultrasound results at least provide some more clarity

I just reviewed my ultrasound results on my achilles tendon (taken 7 months after my original injury). Here’s what it said:

The tendon is thickened, coarse, and hypoechoic throughout most of it’s length due to multiple ill-defined and defined partial thickness tears. The maximum thickness of the tendon is 1.5 cm. The superficial calcaneal bursa is thickened as well. A complete tear is not identified.

I guess the good news in this is that my injury was not a complete tear. The bad news is that I have a lot of healing of the tendon to do. And this also makes me doubtful that the shock wave therapy is going to change anything.

I guess a lesson for me in the future is that when I hurt something like my achilles, don’t assume it’s minor or inconsequential. Take it easy for awhile and assess it. I probably could have reduced the damage on the tendon if I had known how bad it was early. In particular, I would have avoided going on that multi-day 75 km hike.

3 Responses to “Ultrasound results at least provide some more clarity”

  1. I guess the coolest information in that is that my damage turned into no longer a entire tear. The awful information is that i’ve numerous recuperation of the tendon to do. And this also makes me dubious that the surprise wave remedy is going to trade whatever.

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