Ultrasound results at least provide some more clarity

I just reviewed my ultrasound results on my achilles tendon (taken 7 months after my original injury). Here’s what it said:

The tendon is thickened, coarse, and hypoechoic throughout most of it’s length due to multiple ill-defined and defined partial thickness tears. The maximum thickness of the tendon is 1.5 cm. The superficial calcaneal bursa is thickened as well. A complete tear is not identified.

I guess the good news in this is that my injury was not a complete tear. The bad news is that I have a lot of healing of the tendon to do. And this also makes me doubtful that the shock wave therapy is going to change anything.

I guess a lesson for me in the future is that when I hurt something like my achilles, don’t assume it’s minor or inconsequential. Take it easy for awhile and assess it. I probably could have reduced the damage on the tendon if I had known how bad it was early. In particular, I would have avoided going on that multi-day 75 km hike.

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