A new diagnosis from the Doctor, Calcific Tendonitis

After going for x-rays last week, I had another appointment with my Doctor and was informed that not only is my achilles tendinitis chronic (I already knew that) I have calcium deposits on my achilles tendon. And that could be contributing to the pain as I continue my Alfredson’s protocol exercises. So, to help get rid of these deposits, I am now scheduled for radial shockwave therapy (about 6 sessions are likely) whereby they will blast the calcium deposits and try to break them up such that they absorb into the body and go away. This is a similar therapy to when somebody has a kidney stone and they use this therapy to break up the stone and let it pass. So, all without needing surgery.

My Doctor says that this therapy is successful 80% of the time which is a good thing. That’s promising. At this stage, I am ready to try anything that can help get my achilles back to normal.

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