Achilles Tendinosis recovery using Alfredson’s Protocol

I hurt my achilles tendon last summer (Aug. 20, 2016) while hiking the Grouse Grind in Vancouver, BC. I didn’t treat it too seriously and just figured it would go away on it’s own. After I hurt it, I went on a 75 km hike and I basically limped the whole way. That probably didn’t help matters. The problem has lasted now over six months. Basically, the tendon hurts on a low level all the time but I am able to walk normally, up until about one kilometer. Then my tendon stiffens up and I start to limp. The achilles has a noticeable lump right in the middle of the tendon that has been consistent from day 1.

I have gone to a couple of doctor’s appointments on this and several physiotherapy sessions (which I started in Dec. 2016). All without any improvement.

I am now doing the Alfredson’s protocol every day, with 90 reps of heel drops, and 90 heel drops with a bent leg. I am using a weighted backpack for this that is up to 50 lbs right now. For this protocol, I am on week 4, and the whole program is 12 weeks. Again, no noticeable improvement so far. While I am doing this program, I am avoiding walking and hiking which has been hard.

Anybody else doing the Alfredson’s protocol to fix their achilles?

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  1. I cannot be of much help with tendinosis, since my achilles was ruptured and I followed non-op method. I, however, unofficially followed Alfredson Protocol. Once my PT told me to do eccentric calf raises, I researched it and decided to follow the numbers given in the Alfredson Protocol 2x(3×15 straight legs, 3×15 bent legs 7 days a week). I started on the floor and progressed to stairs with progressively increased weight in the backpack. I did that for few months and I know that this helped my calf strength a lot. As far as achilles, this supposed to help with it, but I cannot tell you if this was direct cause of my achilles healing better or not. I healed pretty quickly and my achilles is in pretty strong now, so I believe that had something to do with it.
    Hope someone here has experience with tendinosis to give you a better answer of when they felt results. The studies are based on 3 months results, so you still have 2 months to go… Hope it gets better along the way… What does you PT say about intermediate results during the 3 months.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It’s encouraging to hear that you healed and have gotten better. I am doing the Alfredson Protocol on my own, it’s not something my Physio brought up at all. I started it because I was frustrated with the lack of progress with my physio. Yes, I am just one month into the program so I know I need to be patient. But, like anything, when you work hard at something, you want to see some progress. Every other injury I have had, there was always progress from month to month that was obvious. This one is different and it scares me that it will never progress. Oh well, I’ve just got to keep my head down and work hard and be patient. The time for serious complaining will be after I finish the 12 week program and see nothing!

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