Surgery today

I just thought i’d share that the surgery went very well today.  When i met with anesthesia i informed them of the pain issues that i had the first time around.  They recommended that i get the nerve block this time.  Once the block was in place behind the knee, all sensation and ability to move the leg was gone and still is.  If any of you ever have the option of getting this done i highly recommend it.  I had no pain in recovery and still have none here at home.  I will have to take some pain medicine before i go to bed in case it wears off overnight.  The surgery itself only took about 45 minutes.  The 2nd rupture occurred in the same place as before and in the same fashion.  Once it was over the surgeon informed us that the tissue integrity looked really good and that he was able to do another standard reattachment without anything special.  This was like music to my ears.  Overall i have to say that i am really pleased with how everything turned out today.  The only down side is i’m currently in a full leg splint instead of just a lower leg splint like last time.  That pretty much means that i won’t be able to shower, use my iwalk 2.0 or do much of anything until i get my hard cast next tuesday. Thank you to everyone who sent positive thoughts and prayers my way.

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  1. Welcome to the club, Rick! I’m the same age as you, and also popped mine playing basketball in late April (4/30/15). Hang in there, man. Pretty neat you’ll get to try the iWalk 2.0. Maybe you can get a matching parrot and pirate costume?

    Just out of curiosity, why did the doc put you in a full leg splint?

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