Re rupture

Re rupture occurred on 7/11/16 here at my house.  Very briefly, i was walking into our kitchen, turned the corner to step down into the kitchen and our cat raced around the corner and cut me off.  I stepped on the cat, lunged forward down into the room and my full body weight landed on the big toe of the healing foot.  Then there was the dreaded snap!  9 weeks of progress down the tubes.  Finally starting to feel good about myself again and now i’m even more depressed than before.   More than anything i’m worried about keeping my job.  The re rupture was confirmed by an MRI that i had on 7/13.  Since i didn’t have an MRI the first time around they couldn’t say for sure whether the rupture was in the same exact spot but they said that they think it is.  The calls were made into work today to let them know i was going to need surgery again so were back to square one.  My only beacon of hope so far is that my bosses are excellent guys and are really doing a great job putting my mind at ease about this whole ordeal.  The only other positive thing i can think of coming out of this whole thing is that i now know what to expect from here on out.  I’m already tweaking things that i previously found difficult here at the house to make life easier.  I’m getting a cast cover for showering and we’re going to ditch the crutches this time around to give the iwalk 2.0 a try. Trying to stay positive here but as many of you know its really hard to do.  Today’s friday so this is going to be an extremely long weekend for me.   I have an appointment with ortho on monday and if all goes well i’ll have surgery on tuesday.  I’m looking forward to putting this all behind me once more.

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