Initial Rupture

The initial rupture occurred on 4/28/16 while playing some afternoon basketball with a few friends.  I’m pretty sure i was sprinting for a rebound when i heard a pop and it felt like someone stepped on the back of my foot and knocked my shoe off.  When I realized there was no one behind me and my shoe was still on my foot i immediately thought something bad had happened.  When i tried to stand up i noticed my foot was acting funny.  Then i felt the area of the tendon and it felt like there was nothing there so i knew something wasn’t right.  I got up and walked to my truck and drove myself to the hospital where my friends met me and helped me into the hospital.  Fortunately i had no pain during any of this.  After a few xrays and a splint, i was sent over to ortho the same day.  They pretty much confirmed what i already knew, its a ruptured achilles.  Surgery was set for a week later and i was on my road to recovery.  I woke up in quite a bit of pain after the surgery and it stayed that way for about 3 days until i was able to find relief.  The pain meds were making me sick to my stomach so i was taking as little as possible.  After the surgery i was in a splint for a week and then a cast for 2 weeks.  I was given the boot at the very beginning of week 4 when the cast came off.

PT was pretty slow going at first.  Basic leg lifts, some hip stretches, and active range of motion out of the boot was pretty much it for the first two weeks. They also did ultra sound massage twice a week during this time as well for scar treatment.  Things progressed at the end of week 5 with toe curls and ankle turns with the towel on the floor.  Week 6 they added some seated no weight toe raises and by week 8 i was adding real weight to the toe raises and starting to riding the bike.  The bike started off with weight on the heel only and we progressively got it to where i was putting weight on the toe.  Two shoes with a heel lift started around the middle of the 8th week for around the house only.  I still wore the brace for a week while out in public and even longer than that if i had something to do outside.  Things were going great though.  I was feeling strong again.  By week 10 i was doing standing toe raises, riding my bike in public, a lot of balance exercises, step up and down maneuvers, no weight squats, and even leg presses.  The calf muscle was coming back nicely.  The only thing i noticed is i was having a hard time keeping my foot straight when i walked.  The tendon and the outside of my calf felt tight so my foot was being pulled to the outside.  It would take me a little while to get it loosened up in the morning but i was starting to get things straightened and loosened up by working the inside of my calf more.  I was set to return to work in 2 weeks when the re rupture occurred.  More on that in another post.

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