Surgery today

I just thought i’d share that the surgery went very well today.  When i met with anesthesia i informed them of the pain issues that i had the first time around.  They recommended that i get the nerve block this time.  Once the block was in place behind the knee, all sensation and ability to [...]

MRI appointment

Had my MRI appointment with ortho today.  Its a rupture, we already knew that, but surgery is scheduled for tomorrow so nothing to eat or drink tonight after midnight.  Surgery was the good news.  The bad news is  I guess they’re going to keep me in a cast a bit longer this time around instead [...]

Re rupture

Re rupture occurred on 7/11/16 here at my house.  Very briefly, i was walking into our kitchen, turned the corner to step down into the kitchen and our cat raced around the corner and cut me off.  I stepped on the cat, lunged forward down into the room and my full body weight landed on [...]

Initial Rupture

The initial rupture occurred on 4/28/16 while playing some afternoon basketball with a few friends.  I’m pretty sure i was sprinting for a rebound when i heard a pop and it felt like someone stepped on the back of my foot and knocked my shoe off.  When I realized there was no one behind me [...]

Rupture and re rupture

Hello everyone. My name is Rick and I’m 36 years old from Pennsylvania. Like pretty much everyone else here, i found this site while looking for answers to help me with my ruptured achilles tendon. My initial tear occurred on 4/28/16 while i was playing basketball with some work friends. My [...]

Achilles Heel!

Hello everyone.  Looking forward to starting the blog a little later.
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