Very excited that i am scheduled to move to full weight bearing tomorrow after 6 weeks in a boot. It’s been a very good experience considering the situation. I view things very much in a “glass half full” basis: I’ve been blown away with how much help my wife is, how kind strangers are when i’m in need, how many people want to know about my injury and/or tell me about their previous one(s). Sure it’s hard to not just go where you want to, but the experience taught me volumes about patience.

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  1. richcarbon - it looks like you set the ‘goal date’ to be some time in march of 2009. Which is in the past. This confused the widget.. I’ve just cleared it so that your goal date is by default 365 days from the date of your surgery.

    I’ve also had to reset your password so that I would check your settings. Please reset your password back to what you want it to be.

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