ATR in the UK - week 8, day 2: Physio & wedge removal

I had my first session with the physio last week, and finally feel I’ve started to make real progress with my recovery.  The appointment was 6 weeks post injury and I’d been in the boot 5 weeks, so it was a bit overdue but the earliest they had due to the length of their waiting [...]

ATR in the UK - Week 6, day 5:Swelling, Even-up, and 1st physio next week.

Well my good intentions about exercise were immediately torpedoed by a nasty chest cold which my daughters brought home from school, which meant that anything which made me breathe more heavily than normal resulted in a spell of jackhammer coughing leaving me with streaming eyes and in need of a sit-down - thanks girls.  Feeling a [...]

ATR in the UK - R+30: Exercise in a boot

So, it’s the 2nd day since the local physio unit told me they’d call in 1 - 2 days to fix my first appointment and still nothing; will chase it tomorrow if I don’t hear by the end of today.
In the mean time I’ve been musing on how much of my core fitness I’m going to [...]

ATR in The UK R+28 - Creeping closer to physio

Just a quick update on my journey through the NHS’s referral process.  On Saturday I got a letter from my surgery confirming that I’d been referred to the local physio unit; goody I thought, as I’d heard you can book appointments online.  Er no, not in this case.  I had to phone up, which I did [...]

ATR in the UK - Living with an Aircast boot

Hi - this is my first real blog post, though I have posted one or two comments on the site before.  If you haven’t see those, as a bit of background, I’m 52 and live near Southampton in the UK.  I’m pretty active, playing badminton weekly, doing martial arts twice a week & cycling 30 [...]