ATR in the UK - R+30: Exercise in a boot

So, it’s the 2nd day since the local physio unit told me they’d call in 1 - 2 days to fix my first appointment and still nothing; will chase it tomorrow if I don’t hear by the end of today.

In the mean time I’ve been musing on how much of my core fitness I’m going to lose because of this.  It looks as if my right thigh & calf are starting to become smaller; they were a lot stronger and probably a bit larger than my left before this happened so ironically I might eventually be better balanced as a result of the ATR in the end, but I haven’t measured them yet, might find it a bit depressing.  I crutched about 1100m up to the shops & back at lunchtime, about 500m non-stop, which got me breathing a bit, but it’s not the same as pace drills at my martial arts class or a long bike ride, so my aerobic fitness is also going to go a long way down the tubes if I don’t do something.  So, I’ve set myself a couple of tasks/ goals:

  • I’m going to do some crutching every day (weather permitting) and try to build up my stamina to see if I can start doing the school run again on crutches - 900m each way with a slight hill on the way.  My wife would be very pleased about this!
  • Sit-ups, press-ups and planks are all possible in the boot without putting any tension on my calf, so I’m going to start doing some of those daily to make up for what I’m missing at martial arts & may help with the crutching.
  • I saw on Evan’s blog video that he set his bike up on a turbo-trainer and was able to do some cycling in the boot once he’d fitted a flat pedal on that side.  I don’t have a trainer at the moment, but am going to look into the cost, as it’ll be a good few months before I can cycle on the road again.

I’m not giving anything up for lent, so hopefully this’ll stop me gaining too much weight as well, I’ll let you know.

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  1. I found once I weened myself off the crutches I built up my walking distance pretty quickly in the boot. I found it natural to go quite fast as well (to the annoyance of my girlfriend trying to keep up), and it’s more physically demanding than normal walking, so it’s not bad exercise. I also did a fair bit of bodyweight exercise in the evenings and when I got out of the boot I weighed the same as before.

    I definitely think making the effort to transition to one crutch and then none is worth it (given it will help the tendon too). I found these videos helpful:

  2. Hi. Thanks for the links; we don’t have any scales at home, but judging by those videos I’m already 25% WB with 2 crutches and am consciously trying to increase the weight I’m putting on the boot so I should be able to get to 50% on 2 crutches fairly easily. The main obstacle to reaching 75% on one crutch is that without a shoe on my good foot my leg in the boot is about 2.5 inches longer and the balance is really tricky. I am using one crutch round the house but on my right (damaged) side rather than the left, and it feels very awkward using it on the left because my left arm is weaker than my right so I don’t feel so stable. All in all I think going for 75% on 1 crutch will have to wait until I drop at least 1 wedge, though I’ll see how I get on with the Evenup when it arrives.

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  3. Like Morcs once you are fully weight bearing you will be surprised at how quickly you can get around and with how much ease. There is apparently at lot of exercises you can do with the boot on too…. i didn’t do any…. it was enough effort to have a shower to be quite honest. I do get that this is an injury that active people suffer from and so they struggle with the fact that they are not so mobile but its also a really good opportunity to slow down a bit and be a bit kinder to yourself. I enjoyed my first ever spa day with facials and massages and stuff it was great!! Highly recommend it! With weight bearing it sort of took me by surprise, one day i was hopping about from kitchen counter, dining table, armchair and then the next day i sort of just walked… I sense you are not getting cohesive treatment and are being left in the dark a bit. I hope these blogs can help, they certainly did me!

  4. Hi. At this point my recovery treatment hasn’t started yet; I heard yesterday that the local physio unit haven’t accepted my referral so my first appointment will be on 14th March at the hospital where I saw the consultant, and hopefully everything will start to become a bit more clear then. The Evenup just arrived, so I’m going to have a play with that this afternoon; maybe a proper blog post later on.

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