ATR in The UK R+28 - Creeping closer to physio

Just a quick update on my journey through the NHS’s referral process.  On Saturday I got a letter from my surgery confirming that I’d been referred to the local physio unit; goody I thought, as I’d heard you can book appointments online.  Er no, not in this case.  I had to phone up, which I did this morning, expecting to be able to book an appointment.  Wrong again.  After giving my reference number and password, I was registered onto their system, asked what part of the body I needed treatment for, then told my case would be triaged by a clinician and I’d then get a call back to arrange an appointment within 5 - 10 working days.  At that point I might have lost the plot if the lady hadn’t quickly told me that it would actually be 1 or 2 days as they’re processing very quickly at present, which I hope is a good sign for an early-ish appointment date.

But honestly: wouldn’t it be possible for the GP to send the details of the diagnosis and treatment recommendation from the consultant to this unit at the time of referral so that they have the information and can assess it before I phone up and an appointment can be made there & then?  I can only put this down to the vagaries of the NHS internal market structure, plus the difficulty of successfully changing a system this complex - the record of big IT projects in the NHS isn’t that great I believe.

Not much change with my leg, other than everything feels a little bit more robust than it did, and based on comments from a few people plus browsing some other blogs, when I’ve got the boot off I’ve started gently massaging the swollen areas away from the injury site to try to reduce the swelling, and very gently flexing my ankle - plantar and dorsal, plus eversion & inversion, just to keep it mobile, but no stretching Morcs, honest!  More news soon I hope.

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