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Back to King’s College Hospital on Friday and had a very! which consultancy. Checked my Achilles, said it’s healed well and I could move on to physio. Got my second shoe from my backpack and put that on and walked out carrying the boot.. Consultant suggested I keep hold of the boot just in case I’m going into situations where I need the protection. Not sure what those circumstances might be in my life - no visits to I’ll rigs on my horizon.

Walk with one crutch (opposite hand) on Friday, but over weekend no crutches. Try to walk with even balance but right knee gives way, might be just weak or affected by how I had to move in the boot. Hard to control movement that is normally done without conscious thought.

Looking forward to physio on Tuesday… that’s still an NHS appointment, but will contact work physio tomorrow and switch to private if I can.

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  1. Well, as far as boot protection is concerned - my doc said “accidents” happen when people/animals run into you or while mi-stepping on stairs.

    You try to balance yourself by making an eccentric stretch with the “bad” leg in the direction you are compensating in.

    He said that such re-ruptures happen mostly not due to weak tendon connection - but to the overall weakness of all the muscles and tendons in the area.

    Its just too early for the whole ankle/calf area to respond to such a sudden eccentric (impact he said) stretching.

    I had a few incidents at work and outside home where I know that I would have done some serious damage to myself - if you was not in the boot.

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