Week 10… Last in boot

Heel now flat in boot and I’m walking very early without crutches. Walk as much as I can without boot when it’s safe, although not at any recommendation from the medical profession. Swelling in ankle and atrophied calf muscle are visible signs and the weakness in my leg means walking isn’t easy. My inclination is to not push up onto my toe, which is perhaps fine this week

So in 6 days it’s back to the fracture clinic at King’s College Hospital. Appointment on Friday then NHS physio on Tuesday following. Have found out work covers me for physio privately no cost. But torn as have always find NHS very good, even when I cut a tendon in my hand two years ago… yes I have history with tendons.

Anyone been faced with same choice?

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  1. It takes awhile to get that push in your calf/AT again. Be patient. I pushed it a bit too much a few times in the first weeks of two shoes, and had to take a day or two easy to recover each time.
    Physical Therapy and keeping with your exercises are clutch. I started PT in week two ( fully covered by my insurance), and give it a lot of credit for my recovery.
    Congrats on this big milestone!

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