Healing Long

Read this post today; Brad is concerned that he his tendon has healed long. Tried finding more about this and will certainly ask my physio when on my first visit on Tuesday. If there is something I can do to avoid it I would rather find out early.

Walking around in the boot today with the lowered heal is certainly putting more strain the tendon than in Week 7. It’s slightly sore now in the boot with no weight on it so am off to take the boot off and put my foot up.

2 Responses to “Healing Long”

  1. Richard - I had a quick read of the other blog and you seem to be on track. It can take a few days to adjust to a wedge coming out and what you are doing is good. Rest it when it hurts and move gradually forward. At your stage you can afford to put some tension on the tendon which seems to be what is happening.

  2. Thanks Stuart, good to have some reassurance.

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