Take a shoe with you

Back to King’s College Hospital on Friday and had a very! which consultancy. Checked my Achilles, said it’s healed well and I could move on to physio. Got my second shoe from my backpack and put that on and walked out carrying the boot.. Consultant suggested I keep hold of the boot just in case I’m going into situations where I need the protection. Not sure what those circumstances might be in my life - no visits to I’ll rigs on my horizon.

Walk with one crutch (opposite hand) on Friday, but over weekend no crutches. Try to walk with even balance but right knee gives way, might be just weak or affected by how I had to move in the boot. Hard to control movement that is normally done without conscious thought.

Looking forward to physio on Tuesday… that’s still an NHS appointment, but will contact work physio tomorrow and switch to private if I can.

Week 10… Last in boot

Heel now flat in boot and I’m walking very early without crutches. Walk as much as I can without boot when it’s safe, although not at any recommendation from the medical profession. Swelling in ankle and atrophied calf muscle are visible signs and the weakness in my leg means walking isn’t easy. My inclination is to not push up onto my toe, which is perhaps fine this week

So in 6 days it’s back to the fracture clinic at King’s College Hospital. Appointment on Friday then NHS physio on Tuesday following. Have found out work covers me for physio privately no cost. But torn as have always find NHS very good, even when I cut a tendon in my hand two years ago… yes I have history with tendons.

Anyone been faced with same choice?

Dragging along

Not much changes day to day now. Foot feels able to flex further than the angle it’s at in the boot today. I’ll lower the heel tomorrow and even that is sooner than prescribed. Progress seems unnecessarily slow, although my overriding wish is not to go back to square one so I’m sticking with the timetable.

Have started to make some sort cautionary trips round the house without the boot and foot is fine. Calf muscle is so weak! I’m desperate to start building it back up. I know the road ahead is still long.

Going down

Calculated that if I lower my foot one level every 5 days I will be flat in the boot for the final week before my next appointment at the fracture clinic. This is a week ahead of wherethey thought I’d be. Hopefully means I can get out of the boot and onto the physio proper. Yesterday dropped down to 2 slices.

Have started walking around at work without crutches. Successfully roll the rigid boot from heal to toe to get an almost normal gait. Still faster on the crutches and wouldn’t consider not using them at all. Days have been long with not much time out of the boot for the last few days. As a result foot is quite swollen when I rest up in the evening.

Physio 101

First appointment at the physio yesterday turned out to be a bit of a non-event. They were really just making sure recovery is heading in the right direction but not much they can do ahead of me coming out of the boot.

Measured my foot movement; I can bring my foot up to about 80° and my healthy foot to over 90°. They didn’t measure swelling in my foot or atrophy of my calf muscle; said muscle would take 6 weeks to recover form.

Asked about healing long and they didn’t have much to say in general, but thought my tendon length showed no rush of that. Exercises given: flex foot up and down and balance on foot (in boot) for 30 second a few times a day.

Slicing it up

First day of lowering heal one I removed the bottom slice. Yesterday I removed the top slice o see which was more comfortable. This is what passes as excitement in my booted existence.

Turns out the difference is minor. Can certainly feel the longer extension under the arch of my foot. But crazy adrenaline junky that I am, I might just swap it around again today.

Healing Long

Read this post today; Brad is concerned that he his tendon has healed long. Tried finding more about this and will certainly ask my physio when on my first visit on Tuesday. If there is something I can do to avoid it I would rather find out early.

Walking around in the boot today with the lowered heal is certainly putting more strain the tendon than in Week 7. It’s slightly sore now in the boot with no weight on it so am off to take the boot off and put my foot up.

ukachillesblog | Achilles tendon rupture sufferers unite

ukachillesblog | Achilles tendon rupture sufferers unite.

Started my blog here before this blog was created… read about my first 7 weeks there; I won’t duplicate those posts.

I’m also tracking my timeline that is obviously specific to a UK non-surgical recovery; even so I expect my recovery process to be different as the NHS has no standard protocol.