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The last post sounds !!

Hello everyone,

Well that’s my year done - although as many veterans will remember it’s a bit longer than that after a false start which wasted about four months !

However I am pleased to report everything is going well, Achilles feels strong although I do still suffer with some stiffness in the morning (stop giggling at the back !!) This soon wears off though then it’s business as usual. I can jog around ,ride my bike go for nice walks etc etc.

The dark days are a distant memory and in a funny sort of way the rupture taught me lots of things about how to cope with a setback and all the complications that come with it.

Thank-you to all the people I’ve kept in touch with on and off the blog - I plan to keep checking in periodically but this will probably be my last post. Dennis you must be so proud of how it’s grown and how you have helped¬†hundreds of people to come through this nightmare injury¬†- bloody marvellous effort well done.

So thats it, good luck everyone, collective chins up you will recover !

Richard xx