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Hello again - 6 months on.

Hello everyone,

I’m 6 months on now and beginning to feel I’ve beaten the ATR curse. Life isn’t totally back to normal but its not far off. As far as the tendon goes I can do a slight heel raise on one foot but not all the way, I can walk (slowly no limp -quickly still a bit of a limp) and I can jog and ride my bike.

I’ve been checking in from time to time and is great to hear about everyone’s progress - however as lots of veterans say there comes a point when there’s not a lot of news to report (a good thing I suppose).

For those of you wh0 have asked Bremner the Westie is doing fine (in fact he’s asleep next to me as I write - we’re going out for walks again together which is great (Steve -no real progress on the dog tricks I’m afraid)

Jimbo -I noticed you didn’t reply to my offer of counselling regarding the super Saints (you know where I am when the Mawhinney reaper strikes !!)

I’ll keep checking in and post again soon but to all who I have been in contact with (Maestro - I’ve got Baseball questions for you) and everyone else who has offered help and support thank-you and good luck with everything.

Richard xx