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Last hospital visit !

Hello everyone,

Well I had a land-mark visit to the hospital today in that the surgeon has ’signed me off’. In other words he doesn’t want to see me anymore (barring any set-backs).

He had a good look and feel of my tendon ,did a few tests and declared himself pleased with the results. I am now walking without crutches or a boot albeit slowly. I am still suffering with some pain and stiff-ness around my ankle particularly in the morning but I’m getting there.

I haven’t posted for a while as there was nothing new to report but I’m planning on keeping in touch and following the progress of others on the site.

Thank-you once again Dennis -you have enabled me to access so much support particularly during the early dark days and also the site has been a treasure trove of help and advice. May I thank everyone who has contacted me on various matters (not all ATR related !!) but special thanks to UKnodger, Annie. Jimbo (we should meet up for a beer!) and Maestro (Yes I stayed awake for the whole of the Superbowl).

So I’ll keep chipping in when appropriate and I look forward to reading about everyones steady journey toward recovery - my Doc said today I have 6 more months of recovery - a rather startling revelation but he’s been right about timings up to now so I have plenty of time.

                                           Cheers everyone

                                                                       Richard xx