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Happy Christmas

To all my ATR colleagues - Thank-you for all your support and comradeship these last few months - its 23.45 here in England on Christmas Eve and I’ve just washed down a couple of anti inflammatories with a gin and tonic !!

A festive Xmas and a happy New Year to you all


American Football

Hello everyone (particularly US citizens)

My recovery has spanned the end of the baseball season and the pre playoffs season of the NFL. I managed to work out the rules of Baseball but I have a football question  -

(1) After a punt if the receiver drops (fumbles) the ball can anyone dive on it?

(2) If the punt receiver decides to let the ball bounce and leaves it alone can the chasing pack dive on it?

(3) What is a touch back?

Thank-you in advance. Achilles going slowly at this end - still struggling with painful top of foot but able to get around ok with boot on and support from crutches


Foot Pain

Hello everyone,

Well I’ve been out of my cast  for a week now and I have seen the physio. Progress with the tendon is great, it is healing well and I can, after some manipulation, get it to almost 90 degrees.

However I am being hampered by a lot of pain across the top of my foot - This isn’t a very scientific description but the pain is across the area from ankle bone to ankle bone where the bottom of your leg joins the top of your foot.

Its stopping me putting much weight on my foot and hampering me when I try to pull my foot towards me. Ice helps but only temporarily as the stiffness returns once the ice has gone

Any suggestions would be gratefully received, I do think i’m struggling because my foot has been held in an equinas position (pointing down) for such a long time

                                                          Thank-you and take care everybody

                                                                               Richard xx



7 Weeks - Leeds United Get The Boot !!!

Hello everyone,

Firstly apologies to all you non UK ATR’s for the rather cryptic post title - for the UK types, I knew it I just bloody knew it was going to happen!!

Anyway no more bad news from me despite the week-ends debacle at Histon, I’ve been to the hospital today and its all good. Healing well, out of my cast and into an air-cast boot with physio starting as soon as I go to see them and book in.

My ankle feels quite tight but I have some ROM exercises to do at home when the boots off(I can take it off when resting / sleeping) so I am really chuffed.

Jimbo- the soreness I was feeling was due to a slight ripple which had formed in the big elastoplast thing(scientific!!) over the wound which was irritating the skin - it was a bit red but nothing to worry about.

So all in all I can get around much easier now in fact I’ve just been for a walk!! albeit only 200 yards to the end of the lane where I can see the woods and the river. I haven’t seen that view since July!

The Doc has virtually handed me over to the Physios now,he says they will make decisions about how my progress is going and how long I’ll be booted (he estimated 4 weeks with a gradual removal of the heel lifts at one a week). He doesn’t want to see me again until the end of Jan when he expects ROM to be normal.

I know I’ve still got a stretch (haha) in front of me but you know there’s a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Thank-you everyone for all your support since July it really has been a blessing.

                                                   Richard xx