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First post op visit

Hello everyone,

Well I’ve just returned from the hospital where I had my post op cast removed for a wound inspection. It all looked ok no sign of any infection and the scar had closed all the along its length (about 6 inches). I say stitches they were actually metal staples placed very close together and it did sting a bit when they were taken out.

So I’m now in a NWB cast for 4 weeks. The Doc said I should then go back in to the air-cast boot after the 4 weeks as long as there’s no hiccoughs along the way.

All in all I’m pleased with how it all went today, I feel I’ve made some tangible progress.

I’m celebrating by going off to see some friends who live by the sea in Pembrokeshire for a few days - they’ve got a nice boat which I can go out on (Weather permitting) - I’ll have to wear my water-proof cast cover with by life-jacket!! definitely not cool.

                                   Cheerio all


PS - I forgot to say - I found out as well as repairing my tendon the Doc augmented the repair using the plantaris tendon from my foot - extra strength apparently.


All done!

Hello everyone,

Well I,m done, no problems excellent service at the hospital. ‘Tendon repair and secondary reconstruction’ was the official description of the op. I have to say when the Doc was talking to me afterwards I was still a bit woozy and didn’take it all in - however I’m seeing him again next week so I can have a proper chat then.

I do remember him saying that there had been hardly any scar tissue growth on the ends of the injured tendon which he found suprising, he said it was like repairing a recent rupture rather than one which was 13 weeks old. I don’tknow whether thats a good thing or a bad.

However its back to see him in a week , plaster off and wound inspection(hopefully stitches out ) then 4/5 weeks in a NWB cast - I really can’t stop thinking I’ve been here before but I know time will pass quickly.

Pain ok, I’m trying to keep pain killers to a minimum and only use them as neccesary. otherwise its bed for me for the next few days leg up reading and checking the ATR blog every 5 minutes - my wife thinks I’m having an on-line affair!!!

                           All the best everyone



Bad News

Hello everyone,

Well all my fears have come home to roost today. I had a telephone call from the hospital on Friday asking me to go in today (Mon) to see the Doc. They stipulated I must see the surgeon not one of his juniors and I immediately smelt the proverbial rat. For those not familiar with the NHS system in the UK it is almost unknown for them to chase the patients looking for work so it was with a heavy heart that I settled in for a longish wait in the clinic this AM.

When I finally got to see the Doc he looked long and hard at my ankle , did some more tests and I could tell by his face what was coming - surgery. We talked through the process and the recovery period and again the folly of the steroid injection. The surgery is scheduled for Oct 16th and then the recovery period on top.

As far as recovery goes I will be back to the beginning thereby rendering the last 12 weeks a waste of time which is a shattering blow psychologically. I am committed to getting through this however I’ve got to say I have had better days