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Bath - Time

Apologies to those of you with delicate stomachs. I’ve just been able to properly wash my foot and lower leg for the first time in weeks - How much dead skin! - it looked like some creature had been shedding in there. I bottled out last night and slept with my boot on it just seems so weird to be free of the cast(actually quite vulnerable) but its great like now to be able to sit with it elevated doing my gentle ROM exercises.

I did see a physio at the hosp on Monday and she gave me(on Drs orders) some simple exercises. I can get my foot quite a way to flat before the tendon starts to complain, the most painful area is around the ankle joint generally - I’m hoping now I can start to move it again that will ease over time. I’m not allowed to put my weight through the tendon but I can now walk (with crutches) and partially weight bear. That is so much easier than NWB and makes me feel I’m beginning to exercise my leg again.

Thank-you for your messages of support and Dennis I know its been said before but jolly good show for making this site possible. It was a strange thing at the hospital on Monday I felt really well prepared in terms of general ATR knowledge and no way was I going to get fobbed off and that is due in no small part to your site. Cheers everyone.


Mixed Bag

Hello everyone,

Well some good some not so good news after my latest hospital visit. I’ve been in a hard plaster cast for 10 weeks and at my last visit 3 weeks ago the Dr was not happy with my progress and kept me in my cast. It was with some trepidation that I looked upon my ankle and shrunken calf yesterday. The Doc moved my foot gently around (weird- that joint hasn’t moved for two and a half months) and had me pushing against his hand with my foot. His view is that healing is taking place but not as much as he would like after all this time. So I am now in the ‘aircast’ boot with heel wedges for 4 more weeks

The Doc has still not ruled out the possibility of an operation - this 4 weeks is make or break really which is why I titled this post Mixed bag. There is still a soft area at the rupture site and he was very thorough when examining this.

However its much easier to walk in this boot and I’ve been given some gentle exercices to do so I feel I’ve made progress but with a nagging doubt in the back of my mind. The Doc mentioned again the folly of the steroid injection I had to clear my tendinitis as it increases the chance of complications after surgery and I’m pretty sure he would have operated on me by now had it not been for the steroid jab. I’d  be happy to receive tips and advice regarding the aircast boot and how to live with it - in classic NHS style I didn’t feel I’d got enough info before I shuffled off down the corridor. So here goes!!- onwards and hopefully upwards!!


Sad Films

Hello Everyone,

                        I’ve thought quite hard about writing this because I’m a fairly resilient bloke- Rugby Union, PE teacher(ageing), sociable etc etc It may be the fact that this recovery period appears interminable and I’m stuck at home whilst the world, family, work etc is carrying on without me but I’ve started to sob badly at sad films. Don’t get me wrong I can sniff away with the best of ‘em but I’ve become really sensitive recently. Two examples I’ve watched ‘Legends Of The Fall’ and ‘Forrest Gump’ this week and have been wrecked at the end of both films(that scene by the Grave at the end of FG was a particular low point). Family and son(s) seem to be a particular trigger.

My wife who I will have eternal admiration for after keeping it all together this summer, snapped at me the other day after a tactical  ‘faux pas’ by me caused me to retreat into myself and I tell you I nearly lost it again - However I’m at the hospital on Monday for hopefully some good news regarding coming out of the equinas foot cast. I’ll keep you posted




Despite much mickey taking from my 17 yr old son I have decided to have my own site - His view is of no consequence to me, his job is to run around being helpful to his mum while she runs around looking after me!! - As she has done for the last 7 weeks as I sit here wondering whether my ATR is healing under the cast. Bad news last week as Dr not happy so 3 more weeks before foot move and re- cast. That will make 10 weeks in equinas position - has anyone else had this? it seems a long time particularly when I read about others who seem much further on in less time  

fed up

I’m fed up with my cast!!!! 7 weeks in and told this week its not healing properly so 3 more weeks in equinas and then possble surgery!!!. Bollocks