Keeping positive

10 years !!

Hello all,

Unbelievably I am now 10 years post rupture and everything is fine. I really can’t believe how the time has flown.
Achilles wise I have a slightly stiff ankle due to my long recovery in plaster not enough to cause me any issues though. My recent purchase of an electric bike has allowed me to get out and about again and I love it !
Good luck to all you recoverees it’s a shite injury but it does get better ( eventually).

Cheers all.


Meanwhile 9 years later …..

Hello all,

As you can see I am now 9 years post rupture and everything is fine here. My Achilles ankle is still a bit stiff in the morning but it soon wears off. TBH I don’t really think about it during the day and just get on with stuff without worrying.

I have now retired and fill my days golfing and walking the dog ( tough life !) . Good luck to all who are suffering presently …. it can be tough and Frustrating but it does get better eventually.

Happily I am still in touch with a couple of Achilles mates who ruptured at the same time as me and we helped each other through.It is nice to see this site still up and running it certainly helped me through some very dark days.

Good luck all see you in a years time !


8 years in…….

Hello all,

Old timer here. As you can see it’s 8 yes 8 years since my rupture and long recovery. Very pleased to tell you that all’s well and I am able to live a normal life playing golf, walking my dog and riding my bike.

Retirement beckons for me so I’ll have loads of time on my hands to do all the things on my wish list.

Good luck to all who are going through the recovery process - I found this site a wonderfully supportive community and I am still in touch 8 years on with a couple of Achilles mates.

Cheers  all,


7 years……. I think

Hello  all,

I think it’s my 7 year anniversary - to be honest I’ve lost track!

all fine here - my good Achilles gave me a bit of a scare during the  year as I began to suffer with tendinitis which was the start of all the trouble with the one that ruptured

I saw a great physio who gave me a very strict exercise regime coupled with a few sessions of acupuncture and it did the trick.

I am still in touch with some of my contempories notably Maestro, Anne and Jimbo.

So good luck to you all at whatever stage you are at this site helped me enormously as I went through some dark times with my recovery.

All the best to you and special thanks to Dennis,


5 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello all,

Well as the title says I am now 5 years post rupture. My ankle is still a bit stiff but not enough to hinder me.
Worryingly my ‘good’ achilles is showing signs of tendinitis (which is how all my problems began before). Not really sure what to do I certainly don’t want to go down the steroid injection route (disaster last time) so any advice will be welcome

All the best everyone.


4 Years - Move on nothing to see here !!

Hello all,

4 years done. Ankle still has some residual stiffness but not too bad. Doc reckons it’s a bit arthritic and it won’t go away. Apart from that walking, golf, bike riding, watching Leeds United are all going well. Still in touch with a few off line achilles victims which is nice and I do check in from time to time on the board.

So all the best everyone - it’s a bloody nightmare injury treat it as a character building exercise. Make the most of the chance to have a long sit down and assess your life. I did and decided to carry on just as I did before  HAHA.

Cheers all, see you in a year.


3 Years !!

As it says 3 years on Saturday since it all went tits up achilles wise. No more Rugby for me but I can do most other things now. I still have a stiff ankle joint first thing in he morning and a bit of tendonitis in my ‘good’ ankle which eases fairly quickly once I get moving. Apart from that life’s good - big hello to all my Achilles contempories I still have a read from time to time and it would be nice to hear how the class of 08 are getting on.

Good luck everyone.


Two years in

Hello everyone,

It’s my 2 year anniversary (give or take a few days) Achilles feels strong but I still have some stiffness (snigger) across the front of my foot.Quack thinks it some kind of bony spur which may need ‘trimming’ I’ll see whether I go for it at some point in the future.

Apart from that things are fine (school holidays -Hurrah !) Still checking in to the blog periodically and watching peoples progress. Incidentally just to join in the recent rather heated debate I had two surgeries, the conservative approach failed miserably whereas the surgical option worked perfectly. Only my experience I know but as far as I’m concerned the facts speak clearly for themselves.

Anyway, good luck everybody  - it does end !

Richard xx

The last post sounds !!

Hello everyone,

Well that’s my year done - although as many veterans will remember it’s a bit longer than that after a false start which wasted about four months !

However I am pleased to report everything is going well, Achilles feels strong although I do still suffer with some stiffness in the morning (stop giggling at the back !!) This soon wears off though then it’s business as usual. I can jog around ,ride my bike go for nice walks etc etc.

The dark days are a distant memory and in a funny sort of way the rupture taught me lots of things about how to cope with a setback and all the complications that come with it.

Thank-you to all the people I’ve kept in touch with on and off the blog - I plan to keep checking in periodically but this will probably be my last post. Dennis you must be so proud of how it’s grown and how you have helped hundreds of people to come through this nightmare injury - bloody marvellous effort well done.

So thats it, good luck everyone, collective chins up you will recover !

Richard xx

Hello again - 6 months on.

Hello everyone,

I’m 6 months on now and beginning to feel I’ve beaten the ATR curse. Life isn’t totally back to normal but its not far off. As far as the tendon goes I can do a slight heel raise on one foot but not all the way, I can walk (slowly no limp -quickly still a bit of a limp) and I can jog and ride my bike.

I’ve been checking in from time to time and is great to hear about everyone’s progress - however as lots of veterans say there comes a point when there’s not a lot of news to report (a good thing I suppose).

For those of you wh0 have asked Bremner the Westie is doing fine (in fact he’s asleep next to me as I write - we’re going out for walks again together which is great (Steve -no real progress on the dog tricks I’m afraid)

Jimbo -I noticed you didn’t reply to my offer of counselling regarding the super Saints (you know where I am when the Mawhinney reaper strikes !!)

I’ll keep checking in and post again soon but to all who I have been in contact with (Maestro - I’ve got Baseball questions for you) and everyone else who has offered help and support thank-you and good luck with everything.

Richard xx