So . . . . I had a full rupture of my left achilles tendon.  It’s about midway between the calcaneus (heal bone) and the point where the soleus/gastricnemeus (calf muscles) meet the tendon.

I’m now approaching week 6 post-op and I’m in a lower leg boot (brand name Osseus).  I put about 50 pumps of air after I’m fully strapped in and this seems to have really helped lessen the swelling in my ankle, as well as keep me secure feeling.  I feel like I’m riding my motorcycle or snowboarding or something . . . IRON MAN!!

I was told to start putting 20% weight with crutches, but I find that I can do much more than that if I feel testy.  I am certainly confortable using one crutch opposite the injured leg at this point, but my girlfreind get’s a little pissy with me when I try to be a tough guy . . . So I keep it under control and be nice . . . for now.

My range of motion (ROM) is still pretty limited and I can get to about nuetral position in flexion before I feel any pull in the tendon.  In the other end, I can get some pretty good extension pointing my toes down, but I still have at least 2 inches or so before I can match the good leg.  My calf is pretty mushy feeling and there is some significant atrophy in my already skinny thighs. 

I’ll keep posting as things progress and I look forward to reading your posts as well . . . That’s all for now . . .

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