Finally Ready!

Playing Tennis. Went for a shot, Loud POP, felt like I stepped on a rock or ran into something, turned around but nothing was there. I then went down. I am pretty active as I have 4 younger boys who all play sports. At 53, I’m in good shape and of all the things that could happen to me with the sports I play, completely tearing my Achilles was not even on my radar, yet when I went down I knew exactly what it was.

I am just now ready to tell my story as I am now 7 weeks post Op and have some of my life back. Wasn’t that way even a week ago as you lose all your independence. Couldn’t shower without hopping of my wifes back to put me in, no driving, walking. Took all my energy to get up and go to the restroom. All changed now! There is a light and its getting brighter. There is hope for you out there who just tore yours. Yes it sucks.

I went straight to the Ortho that morning, did MRI, confirmed the tear and had surgery 3 days later on June 18th. I left all splinted up and kept the splint on for 2 weeks. Took pain meds for 2 days but that is all you need. Took anti biotics for 10 days and advil as needed.

At 2 weeks he left stiches in and put on hard cast with toes pointed down for 10 more days. Next he took out stiches and gave me another cast that I wore for 2 more weeks. No weight bearing at all and crutches are terrible (can’t carry anything but got a crutch Kaddy hooked up to my crutches for water and small papers).

At about a month, I went in and ortho gave me boot with a compression brace called a Bauerfeind AchilloTrain with small heal. Still no weight bearing but at least I can take it off at night after work, sit in a chair and let it breath. I also now slept without boot or brace with no problem.

Saw Ortho again on July31st and he said I could begin to put pressure on my foot with crutches so I did. Got more and more comfortable so as of yesterday with My PT permission I am down to one crutch and it feels good. Also on 7/31 my Ortho said I could begin to lightly walk in my pool and kick gently so I have daily and it feels better.

Now all that being said I still do not walk without boot, have limited flex in my foot if I move it toward me (up) so per the PT and ortho, can’t drive for a few more weeks at least still.

So I am at 7 weeks as of yesterday and there is now a big bright light in a tunnel about 12 weeks out there still. But I can walk, I can shower independently, I can carry stuff. 7 weeks for me was a great break thru.