Posted by: rev246 | March 17, 2015

Nearing 2 Years

Hey guys, it’s been a while.

My recovery is still going well. My right leg is still much smaller and weaker than my right, especially in my calf area. I have been trying to do more single leg exercises as well as more hard surface running. I do play basketball, soccer, and flag football in spurts, but my leg gets fatigues pretty quickly. Inflammation and stiffness during and after leg workouts is still persistent, but I am really trying to get this leg as close back to normal as I can. I haven’t got any measuring tape to measure the difference between the injured and normal leg, but I will try to get some to show you guys the difference. I am just tired of it getting tired so easily and my walk being noticeably (at least to me) awkward. I don’t know if I can actually ever get it back close to normal due to all the atrophy that has gone on in the leg, but I will try my hardest.
Admittedly, with senior year of college present and and work as well, I have not been as diligent with my rehabilitation processes… Oh and also I went to Miami for Spring Break, so I did a lot more upper body than usual… Oops :) Recently, that has been the most frustrating thing I have had with this injury, but overall, I am just working to get better!

Hello friends, here is a quick update on my status! I am a year and 5 months since I tore my Achilles. In these past few months, I have been able to compete in intramural flag football with my great friends, I had no real hiccups while planting and cutting, except for people always seeming to step on my injured leg/foot with cleats. Ouch. Other than that, I have been continuing to do single and double leg exercises and a ton of stretching in order to regain flexibility and strength in my right leg. I need to be more diligent with my workouts, however. School and work drains me so much sometimes that I miss key workouts, especially these essential leg ones. As of now, smaller calf muscle is really the only drag, but I guess it is a given. I work so hard to gain that muscle back but it just never comes. I still favor my non-injured side of course, so I am working on not doing that as much. I still deal with the inflammation and tendinitis at times, but that is because the weather is getting colder. It does lessen with activity and stretching, however. I need to invest in a good compression sock!

I will just have to continue to keep grinding and working, and maybe it will all get better sooner rather than later! Thanks, y’all. Hope all is well.

Posted by: rev246 | July 2, 2014

A year post-tear.

Hey guys, it’s been a while. Quick update on the progress!

It has been more than a year since I initially tore my Achilles playing basketball and a little less than a year since I had to deal with the staph infection. So my tendonitis is fading very quickly! My doctor prescribed me some new anti-inflammatory that I’m supposed to take daily. I believe it is called Meloxicam(?) off the top of my head. I took it for about a week and a half straight, and then noticed that my tendonitis was practically gone. So now I just take it when it flares up occasionally. He also prescribed me some scar cream, which I’m blanking on the name, but I can look it up if anyone wants. I’ve taken it for about a month, and it’s faded my scar a little bit, but I think it is a long term fix.

As for my leg, it is still smaller and weaker than the left leg, and I am still working on the endurance/ muscle tone. This is kind if frustrating because I do work on my legs a ton.. Guess it’s just the new normal
For now. I do not see my OS until early next month, but everything is looking positive!

Posted by: rev246 | April 27, 2014

Post Therapy (~9 months post op)

Hey all. I recently ended physical therapy. It’s been 9 months since my last repair and 10 since the skin graft. The scar isn’t pretty, but it healed up. Therapist has discharged me with the possibility of coming back if things begin to go terribly for me. Still working on my lower leg strength and endurance. Have begun to do more running, balancing, cutting, and jumping exercises 3-4 times a week on my own in order to build that strength back. Is this a good amount, or do you guys think I should up the number of sessions?

My question for you all is, what can I do to get rid of this damn tendinitis?! It is literally the only thing standing in between me being able to do my rehab without pain. You would think by now that it would be healed, but it hasn’t ceased a bit.

Posted by: rev246 | April 7, 2014

The end of PT nears

Hello all,

Therapy has been going well. I am regaining some strength and endurance in my right leg and foot. Therapy has ramped up significantly. 2x a week I bike for 15 minutes, do hurdle drills, box jumps, one legged raises, one legged balancing, total gym, and stretching. Sometimes I do total gym squats and one legged jumps, machines calf raises, leg curls, and thigh extensions. These sessions are brutal but will do me well in the long run. I am quickly running out of the amount of sessions insurance covers per year, so soon much of these exercises will need to be done on my own, which I am fine with.
The right leg is still smaller than the left, and one legged calf raises without assistance are darn near impossible, but everything is better than it was a month ago. Unfortunately, the only downside to all of this is that I still deal with tendinitis in my heel and ankle that ranges from moderate to severe depending on the weatherm time, etc. Besides general leg weakness, that pain is the biggest obstacle in my recovery.

Posted by: rev246 | February 16, 2014

ASTYM is the man

My therapist did ASTYM treatment on me a couple times this week. My posterior tibial tendinitis is virtually GONE. Thi opened up the door for more high impact activities such as running and jumping this week. I think that without it being a presence so much anymore, I’ll have a way better opportunity of getting better in a shorter amount of time. This stuff is a miracle. Received my shoe orthotics back on Friday and am ready to try them out again as well. All in all another positive week of getting better! Talk to you guys again soon.

Posted by: rev246 | December 16, 2013

Ugh Tendonitis - 5&1/2 Months Post Op

Hello all. Hope your recoveries have been going well.

It turns out I am now dealing with some flat footed walking as well as posterior tibial tendonitis. This is the new twist in my recovery, unfortunately. When I sit for long amounts of time, and then get up to walk again, I am VERY stiff, and the pain/soreness is pretty bad until I walk it off. By then, it gets a little better, but now my foot points a little outward while I’m walking to compensate for the pain I feeling in my inner ankle area. It’s kind of frustrating because it really comes and goes. One day, I’ll feel pretty fine, but during the next, I’m pretty much still all day not matter what treatment or exercise I do. Luckily, I got fitted for some custom sports orthotics in my shoes, so I’m hoping very much so that these can ease the tendinitis when they ship here in a few weeks.
As for PT, everything is going fine. I’m able to do the elliptical with resistance and pretty much any type of leg exercises outside of squats and dead-lifts, though I do admit that weighted calf raises (on the machine or seated) are a definite struggle. Finally able to do some ultrasound on my Achilles, though I haven’t seen a remarkable improvement with it. My surgeon last week told me that I can start jogging after New Year’s, and he pinpointed a February return to playing sports.

Another quick update..
I drove home to see my OS about the small part of my incision that is sill not all the way closed up. He looked and determined that there was a small part of a suture still there, so he removed that. All in all , he wasn’t concerned, but told me he wants to see me again this time next week. Anything to make sure that everything is ok. He also agreed for me to try to find a PT place that will allow me to be able to run around, cut, and all the activates that athletes can do. He had me run around the parking lot, which was HILARIOUS because he actually jogged with me a bit, suit and all. xD I was so very pleased that I was able to jog/run around without pain. He’d like for me to start jogging around the neighborhood/apartments as well as at the gym. Since I was off my feet for 4 months essentially, it will take at least double that to gain my strength back. Once my leg strength begins to get a little better, then my tendinitis will subside as well. All in all, a good news day. Let’s hope that I can keep this up! Thank you for reading guys.

2/7/2014 Update:
Hello all. Hope everyone is progressing well. As for me, I am now 5&1/2 months out from my last repair in August. Ty surgery scar is now FULLY CLOSED and no longer leaks, which is amazing and opens up more opportunities at PT. I had to mail my orthotics back a couple days ago in order to get the “teardrop” in them removed because they were bothering me when I ran and stood for a long period of time. Walking around campus this week has been kind of tough because the tendinitis returned as soon as I went out the first time without the inserts. In therapy, we have been doing a lot of one legged balancing exercises, which are killer but appreciated. I feel like my quads, hamstrings, and glutes in the injured leg are pretty strong, but as soon as you look down past my knee, the lack of muscle is evident, and my foot dorsiflexion is still horrible. We have been working more on one legged balancing and strengthening, jumping on a “total gym” from one foot to the other, hurdle work, feet chopping and planting, weights, squatting, etc. On my own when I can get to the gym (2-3 times a week), I can run on the track, the elliptical, and do weight machines. Still no free weight exercises like squats, box jumps,etc because I feel like I am not strong enough to do them yet. The tendinitis is present through everything I do, but my therapist told me that it will be present until the muscles in my foot get stronger and stronger with each day.

Posted by: rev246 | November 10, 2013

2 Shoes - Driving - PT - Etc

Hello all. I’m well into my PT, and it is going well thus far. I’ve been able to drive FINALLY, so I’m getting a life back. This past week, I started using the elliptical as well as some light leg presses. We have not yet started doing ultrasound or water jet training since my therapist wants my graft to heal more. This is frustrating because I was told by my surgeon that I can do ANYTHING in PT… So maybe I should just stress to my therapist that we can progress more? I don’t want to tell him how to do his job.

My gait is getting a bit better, but going down steps normally is almost impossible. In therapy, I try to step down on a raised platform leading with my left foot, and the stretch and pain I feel in my right lets me know that I have a long way to go. Still cannot do a single calf raise with my right, run, or jump, but all those are a given. The inside of my ankle gets the most swollen and painful, enough to limit flexing the foot inward, but it is not too much. I try to do double calf raises and wall sits or squats when I can. Any other suggested exercises to do?

I’m heading to the local YMCA (with ankle brace included) early in the morning tomorrow for the first time in 4 months to do some weight training and cycling to loosen my Achilles up even more. Hope everyone is well on their way to being back right.

Update: The change in weather is a KILLER for recovery. I have tendonitis in the Achilles, and walking outside in this cold weather results in a noticeable limp because the achilles locks up. Some days are better than others, and there is nothing I can really do about it - ice and stretching only do so much. So that is kind of frustrating The skin graft scab is virtually gone, so maybe now I can use ultrasound, heat, pool training, etc.


Posted by: rev246 | September 27, 2013

Phyical Therapy Begins

I’ve been to both my plastic (skin graft) surgeon’s and orthopedic surgeon’s offices for appointments this past week. They know each other and both agree that the skin graft is looking excellent. Today I went to my ‘original’ surgeon’s office for a checkup, and he ordered for me to FINALLY start some therapy Tuesday morning. He wants me to be off crutches at or under 2 weeks from today as well! Man did I smile so hard when he told me that.
I picked a very good PT business that is ironically across the street from the bone and joint clinic that I have been going to. I’m hoping to be able to drive decently soon and maybe finish all my therapy closer to my college, but you never know what can happen with a process like that. Very exciting news! I don’t know if I’ll make a post after these first days of therapy since they’ll just be sessions to increase range of motion. I’m very excited that this is another step to getting back decently normal.

Quick Edit: Saw my skin graft surgeon today. Everything is healing up very well. I can now get the area wet and will just need to put some gauze over it during the day. By my second day of physical therapy this week, I biked for 10 minutes and did some resistance training. I’ll go 2 times next week and ramp up to three for the remainder of my visits. My PT can start to do some ultrasound and massaging as well as water-based traning. As far as walking, the plan is for me to ditch the crutches by next Friday… Well, I ditched them today with no pain. Sometimes I’ve used one to move around a bit faster, and the only real pain I get is from my heel bone touching the walking boots metal through the cushion. I seem to be progressing very quickly now, which is awesome.

Next Friday I can begin driving around a bit and be able to ditch my walking boot as well. (Little does he know that I’ve been driving around the neighborhood from time to time :) ) I’ve been able to walk around barefoot around the house some with no pain. My form is just weird due to no leg strength. Haven’t walked in two shoes much, because my foot is pretty swollen, but hopefully it goes down.

Went downtown with a group of friends tonight! Drove to our carpool meetup spot, and I can say that driving is not a problem at this point!! I can return to near normalcy again :) It was a lot of walking to get to the bar that we went to, and my foot HURT in that boot.. Thank God for alcohol (I am of age) and Tylenol, but the pain walking in my boot is still pretty prominent, especially in my heel :(. Is there any way I can make this pain less? I’m of the belief that the pain shouldn’t be as much IN my boot as it is.. I do not know if my boot is working so well if I have more foot pain when I’m in it than when I am out of it. Any help with this? I have a Bledsoe boot with a balloon pump. Thank you.

Posted by: rev246 | September 19, 2013

Skin Graft

Today I went in for my skin graft surgery. It was at around 9:30, and I left the hospital at 11:30. They took some skin from my right hip, and sewed it together with sutures that are supposed to dissolve over time. My plastic surgeon talked about putting me back in a wound vac until Tuesday, but I am just back in my walking boot with two wedges. I have an appointment with my original surgeon tomorrow to discuss how long I have to wait until I start therapy. I’m hoping it isn’t more than a week, but it will probably be more like two weeks.

I am now dealing with my bleeding hip, and it feel like I have a couple scrapes on both my hip and achilles. Thanks for the support guys.

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