How much Pain is too much?

I’m one month post surgery. Starting into my second week of PT. And the pain in my entire foot has been pretty bad, especially at night. My question: how much pain is to be expected? And how much would indicate I need to lay off ? I’m scared that 1. there’s infection in my foot for some reason… and how would I know? 2. that i’m over-doing the stretching, etc. and it’s going to make the tendon too long… 3. that i’ve re-torn something in there? i want to heal quickly, but wisely. i just wish i knew how much pain is too much pain, and how much is expected. WHO has a gauge on the pain thing? :)

3 Responses to “How much Pain is too much?”

  1. Are we talking round or square pinecones?

  2. I don’t know. You mean the metal nail thing the doctor used? I had a re-rupture - so they used my big toe tendon to rebuild tendon… and then it’s some kind of metal to hold it in place in my heel. I’m surprised by how much my foot is aching. It kept me up all night. I have been doing my PT exercises and the foot is quite swollen. I will as my PT today - but … i wanted to see (really) what kind of pain other people are/ were in…

  3. The “pinecones” thing is a reference to one of the recent blogs about post-op pain that compared it to passing ($hitting) a square pinecone. Too vivid an image for most of us to forget, alas!

    There are standardized indexes for pain intensity, but most of us didn’t use them post-op, so that might not help much. It sounds like to you access your foot, so you should be able to tell if there’s an infection in the surface incision, anyway. If that looks like it’s healing normally, it is.
    Re stretching and healing long: I always advise people to be super-gentle with DF stretching unless they’re (a) well along in their healing and strengthening or (b) they’re obviously “coming up short” and need more AT-and-calf length to function properly.